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Okay so let's bring out the ginormous elephant in the room whose tail is comically sticking out through an imaginary window in Looney Tunes style. Sorry about that--I just have a really crazy imagination! We all (most of us) know this blog goes by the name Fit for the Soul and its main motto has always been that "true health starts from the inside out".  This means that whatever we put in our bodies such as healthy and wholesome food should, in fact, return the favor of making us healthier individuals overall.  In addition, I genuinely believe that the greatest factor of true health starts from within our souls.  In other words, feeding mind and spirit equals happy mind and spirit.  Well, if you've noticed in the last few weeks I've been posting more recipes than workouts.  And the truth is that they haven't been the most vegan, gluten free, or health junkie friendly whatsoever.  Not in the least bit, my friends...not in the least bit. 

I've come to the conclusion that although I love to film videos and and share excruciating workouts with you, I don't think I will be doing it all that often for a while.  Not once or twice a week like I used to.  Sure, I will be more than happy to post about those whenever inspiration hits (or if you really want to see my routines then I'll happily share!), but it definitely will be more sporadic as opposed to posts of food, recipes, and life in general.  For now at least. We'll see how things transpire over the course of the next few months since I tend to crave change pretty often.  It's just that I've been bitten by the shutterbug and if I could somehow realistically go off on a photo expedition for days and days, I probably would.  So how do I remedy that darn shutterbug for the time being?  By photographing people and recipes. :)  I will say, however, that I love to share exercises and it will be hard to not stick to that routine.  But if I want to focus on one thing that truly brings satisfaction between the two, it would be food and pretty things, haha.

Now, to explain the lack of 100% clean recipes as of late...well, let me just say that the wiser I grow in this healthy living journey the more apparent it becomes that true health (for me) means to embrace every single aspect of life.  Of course I still eat 80% healthy like usual, but I've learned to be completely okay with indulging in what is seemingly the "worst plague" known to a fitness enthusiast, aka dessert, butter cream, bread that contains white flour (the horror!), and so forth.  So even though I will post about healthy food and recipes since that's what I live off anyway, I want to let myself be free and share even the not-so-clean-recipes.  Embracing love, godly inspiration, and mouth watering recipes, is my goal right now.  I guess you could say that encompasses the idea of passion and balance?  All that to say that things may look a bit different but the essence of Fit for the Soul is still there.  I'm here.  You're here!  And that's all that matters.

Disclaimer:  A few too many photos in this post but like I said, let's be free and snap away to our heart's content! 

Lately {Musings Food and Fitness}

selah taking few steps at 14 months

I feel extremely blessed to have this munchkin in my life.  I always feared that I wouldn't know what "unconditional love" means when it came to loving my own child, but I've been proven wrong time and again because she's precious just the way she is.  Selah is now taking 3-5 steps depending on whether she's on wooden or carpeted floors.  She's not early and she's not late, but the important lesson I'm learning is that no matter what my love doesn't change.  Now, if she throws tantrums for days then my patience can run a bit low...haha. 

brown butter peach scones

Sometimes recipes turn out completely different from how I initially imagined.  Yes, these scones were decently good but I'm afraid our friendship would be severed if I shared them on here.

lavender in a vase

I'm seriously not trying to zen myself out here, but inspiration truly is everywhere!  Something about greenery and pretty herbs that get me going in the kitchen.

breakfast buffet at Playa del Rey bed and breakfast

Day dreaming of this breakfast buffet from Playa del Rey B&B!  That was the last date that we went on thanks to my in-laws, but thank goodness I have pictures to live through it again.  On a related note, they are coming this Monday and we couldn't be more excited to spend some time together.  Since summer is coming to a close I probably should take them to the beach?

al pastor tacos with homemade guacamole

Let me tell you.  Pre-marinated spicy al pastor meat is amazing.  Sure, it may contain some ingredients I probably don't want to know about, but until I learn how to make it myself this will have to do.   At least there's homemade guacamole on the side?

one legged standing splits--yoga

A huge accomplishment right here!  Standing splits were my enemy because I always felt like I would fall forward.  Errr well, I have.  It definitely is a move that gets me out of my comfort zone as it pushes me to keep practicing even though I don't see instant improvement.

morning toast and devotional

The mentality of spending time with God no matter what it takes may seem fanatical to many people.  The funny thing is that God is fanatical!  About loving us, that is.  I notice such a change in attitude when I start off this way, because it's like a reset button that takes me from my carnally inclined self to seeing through His eternal eyes.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

If you have a blog or website, in what ways have you grown or changed the content?

What are some things that are inspiring you lately?  Or passionate about?

Regaining Focus over a Sea Salt Coffee Date | Cerritos

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at fusion tea bar

Photo credit: little sweet boy with Lizzy's phone

Happy Saturday, guys!  Anyone else looking forward to Fall?  I personally can't wait to start wearing more Fall appropriate clothes and eat my heart out in all things pumpkin and spice.  Although I have to admit that for the very first time ever summer wasn't so bad for me.  Maybe it's starting to grow on me even(crossing fingers)!  And maybe...just maybe...flowy dresses and sleeveless tops aren't so annoying anymore.  There was a time when I used to think that dresses and tank tops were the demons of fashion, but now I figure that you can do so much with those clothing items like layering.  Plus, it's kind of nice not to die wearing a cardigan in 80F weather.  Anyway, I was actually going somewhere with this. 

Oh yes.  This summer has been special in that I've gotten to witness the beginning of toddler years.  And let me tell you, those toddler years are filled with fun and adorable moments as well as busyness everywhere you go.  Yesterday I met up with my amazing, most golden hearted friend, Elizabeth (lizzy) and I could not for the life of me sit down for even a minute.  Selah was as sweet as pie and didn't cry one bit, but she wanted to explore every crack and corner of our meet-up spot--Fusion Tea Bar in Cerritos.  So Lizzy and I were more or less yelling at each other from at least 5 feet away throughout most of the conversation.  Hah!  C'est la vie of a momma. ;) 

sea salt iced coffee at fusion tea bar

She ordered their Peach Please tea with bits of fruit, while I surprised myself with a sea salt iced coffee.  I was so tempted to order black coffee since that's my option pretty much 100% of the time, but the combo of sweet and salty sounded so amazing at the time I couldn't resist.  This was my second time around sipping on that stuff (1st time at 85 Degree Bakery) and this was even better than I remember!  Must. Make. This. At. Home.

Good drinks aside, I had such a blessed time with Lizzy.  Naturally.  There is never a shortage of deep conversations with this girl, and hearing testimony after testimony of what God is doing in hers and others' lives helps me step out of my own bubble and look at the big picture.  I realize that lately my sight has been zooming in on priorities that perhaps God doesn't want me to focus on, and a simple coffee date with a sister in Christ changed all that.  I mean, how can listening to testimonies of mission trips to Russia, India, and communist countries not redirect my focus?  And that's the thing I love about God and godly community.  He never stops trying to regain our attention in places we're lacking and He often uses the fellowship of like minded people to accomplish that.  I think that's so beautiful and empowering because I know that when I'm blinded in my ways, I never truly am left alone. 

bowl of brown rice and taco meat | quick healthy meal

When Selah and I got back from Cerritos, she went down for her nap which allowed a good amount of time to throw this super simple dinner together.  I just reheated frozen leftover brown rice and cooked taco meat with onion, garlic, seasoning, and a tsp of Worcestershire sauce.  (I still can't say that word right, can you?)  Healthy and simple meals like this have been lifesavers for our family.

Perhaps I should do a post on some meal ideas in the near future.  What do you think? Yay, nay?

Have a great weekend and let's talk soon!

What are some easy and fast meals you tend to fall back on?

Ever tried sea salt coffee?

What are some ways that help you step back and see the "big picture"?