once upon a time

I'm Ellie and I'm so glad you decided to stop by!  Once upon a time I wished that I could actually see the day when everyone cherishes food--appreciating it for more than mere consumption and enjoying it for more than its nourishing benefits.  All things I consider good of course, as I am one to strongly advocate the wonders of healthy living.  But I'm also a strong believer of the experience food lends us.  It lends us heart warming stories of suffering and delight whenever we sit at the table with strangers, loved ones, and yes, even those who make us feel just a bit more uncomfortable than we'd volunteer for.

I've also wished that food would be the transcending experience into other cultures because after all, we are what we eat, and the people we surround ourselves with?  The very people we become--good or bad as we deem it to be, it's true.   I guess I can pinpoint such experiences to past mission trips to India, Myanmar, and Mexico.  I've seen firsthand that food can bring a smile on anyone's face.  And as such, I'm delighted you're here to partake in my stories of kitchen successes and failures.  I hope you find grace and inspiration here at From Scratch, Mostly.

from scratch, mostly

As a third culture kid growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina my eyes were opened to the wonderful things the culinary world offers. I remember witnessing for the first time the bond food had created between me and my Argentinean neighbors who, I must point out, did more talking with their hands than with their mouths. And truly beautifully so. Think back upon My Big Fat Greek Wedding, or something along those lines. You get the idea.  Having seen myself as their 'adopted' culturally transcendent child, we laughed, we ate, we drank to our hearts' content, and that was where I learned that food is not to be wasted but to be considered a blessing.  

We even baked a cake from 'scratch'!   It was as 'out-of-scratch' as a boxed yellow cake could present itself to be I suppose, but to me that meant a whole new world of possibilities.  The possibility of embracing what tickles the fancy of most humans which, in this case, would be food, and the possibility that I could someday, maybe, just maybe, make something from scratch for my family and loved ones.

The Consensus of Opinion Article in Harper's Bazaar, Photograph by Man Ray, March 1936

Life in los angeles

I consider myself blessed beyond measure that despite my reluctance in moving to the states as a child, God had a different plan.  I now live in the county of Los Angeles, more specifically in the South Bay, with our family of 5 (hey, the cat deserves to be mentioned). Once in a while you may read about and see features of my husband Greg and our two daughters, Selah and Tabitha.