12 Months and Dohl Preparations

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

The past 12 months have prooobably been the fastest, most action filled, and most unique months in my entire life.  I know that every season in life has its beauty and they all have something sweet to offer, but this one was definitely up there on the list...

It's super strange, though!  Part of me feels like I was just wrapping Selah into a burrito with her soft and cuddly Aden+Anais swaddles (which I rec to all moms), and yet another part of me feels as though I gave birth years and years ago. 

Uhhh yes.  Saying that some freaky, twisted time warp is taking place would be an understatement. 

Monday, June the 16th, will be Selah's 1st Birthday!  But we will be celebrating it tomorrow with our church family and loved ones altogether.  The Dohl party will entail plenty of DIY decorations, an amazing custom cake from Cake House, and some of the best Thai food offered in the South Bay.  Now with all physical details aside, Greg and I feel extremely blessed that Selah even made it this far into her life, and we pray that many more will come! 

It is easy to take for granted the small things in life just like the time we have left on this Earth, when in reality those are the greatest and perhaps most life changing ones.  That person who gleefully takes your coffee order at Starbucks?  Yep!  She just might become your best friend someday.  Or how about that random lady who smiled at you during your lowest point in life?  Well, she probably saved your life from who knows what!

All that to say, God's blessings are endless and though sometimes we may take them for granted due to their exterior, let's strive to dig deeper because they always, ALWAYS have a greater purpose. 

Okay.  I totally didn't mean to write all that.  I guess the writing bug just got my brain juices going! :)

Here are some pictures from the past 12 months--hope you enjoy!


And that's that!  I will be recapping Selah's party for you next week so stay tuned. Have an amazing weekend, y'all!


In what ways do you relate to this as a parent, or what will you miss the most if/when you become a parent?

-I already miss Selah being smaller and really helpless!  But then I wouldn't want for her to stay that way either. ;) 

In what ways have the smallest things made a difference in your life?