Quality Over Quantity

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Wow!  What a weekend!  And yet, it went by so quickly for me.  How about for you? :) I've been wanting to update about so many things but haven't had the time.  I had skit practice, errands, family matters, you name it!  So I will just touch upon the few.  ^.~  As you may recall, I had the Boomers Outing with the Kennedy school kids (a.k.a. my children) the other day.  Praise God that it went well!  The kids were surprisingly well-behaved and they had tons of fun!

The best thing about this outing is that the next day when Greg and I went to volunteer at the school, we all felt a much more tight-knit connection.  :D  Yay!  These kids are sometimes hard to deal with emotionally because they have so much going on they just do not know how to open up.

Plus...They're ALREADY going through that "leave-me-alone-i'm-a-teenage-syndrome".

And guess what!!  I got the privilege of riding at least 5 rides one ride with them!  Wait something is wrong here.  I want my money's worth of fun.  Can I get my money back?

Even though all night long I was carrying their packed dinner and bags, I know it was all about them having fun and feelin' LUV'D.

You may be wondering why a few of the girls have their heads down...They all think they come out terrible in photos and never let me take any.  I guess this is another issue we can touch upon someday--young little girls being so self-conscious.  Being there for them is such a blessing for me.  In some minor ways, I feel like I'm beginning to know the quirks and hardships of being a mom as well.  Strange...


Finally Greg and I had some hanging out/date night yesterday!

We went out to eat Korean BBQ and it was to die for--though I wasn't quite hungry.  :P

I also had a great time with my girls Susan and Elisa over the weekend (studying).  As per Susan's request, we started getting delirious and taking webcam photos.  Don't mind our insanity please.

*Ahem* excuse our silliness.

Also throughout the weekend,  I found myself being quite busy and not able to bring snacks from home at times.  It's awesome that wherever I go, I can somehow tweak everything I eat so that I can get good nutrition from it.  Making wise choices in eating every chance I got truly helped me function at optimum level.

Some of my  favorite snacks included bars, fruit, a lot of hummus and greek yogurt.  I'm so glad that in the past few years, healthier options have become available.  I think there really is a healthy-living movement that has begun in the U.S.  I hope this takes a continuously positive and healthy route.

If you haven't tried this little snack, I recommend you do because it is delicious and very convenient for when you're on the go.

Protein Green Monster

Today I had an amazing service at church and I know that the whole congregation (myself included) was convicted.  The message was about financial trust in God.  Sometimes I wonder...Do I truly mean it when I tell Him that I trust Him?  (Whether it be regarding money, future, relationships, etc.)   There's so much growing to do, but that's exciting because I know He's with me every step of the way.

I earnestly believe that there really is no sacrifice of my part no matter what I do--because it is all merely an act of gratitude to Him for who He is, and for loving me so much from everlasting to everlasting.

Whewwww this is an overload of my weekend I'm sure.  And it is only bits and pieces of it!  Of course, as busy as a week may seem, it's all about the quality rather than the quantity.  It doesn't matter how much we did or didn't do, but how we spent it in gratitude and with purpose.  There are obviously those weeks that we forget about purpose though, and therefore we need to be lenient on ourselves as well.  : >

However, I don't want to just talk about myself.  I would love to hear from you!  How was your weekend?  Perhaps, did you have an epiphany that you would like to share? And what were some of your favorite eats? :)


L.E. <33