Fatigue=Lack of Appetite?

by fitforthesoul in

Happy Sunday!!  It's quite a windy/sunny day here in Cali today!

I think I'm really starting to know my body better and better nowadays.  I'm usually the type of person to NEVER EVER lose my appetite unless I have the stomach flu.

For the past 3 days, I haven't exactly had the greatest appetite all throughout the day, even in the morning!  Breakfast is actually my very fave meal of the day. :D  As you can see....

I haven't been able sleep too well lately and currently I'm trying to have a better sleep schedule.  I feel that this is affecting my lack of appetite.  I believe that this is a pretty accurate example of the importance of having His peace in my heart despite all the changes that are going on around my household.  Interestingly, this leads to better habits and better physical health.

So it's true!  Good spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical health are all interrelated.

But still~this doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy today's steel cut oats! Hehe

Most of the time when I eat steel cut oats I grind them up in the processor and store it in a container.  If you're wondering what they're like, they're extremely fluffy, smooth, and gains a creamy consistency.


Steel cut oats (ground)

1 TBSP ground flax

1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 a banana

1/2 C TJ's almond milk

1 C water

pinch of salt


For the toppings I added homemade coconut butter, cranberries, brown rice cereal, pecans, and peanut butter.  I post this breakfast because it's nutritious and can keep me/anyone full for a rather long time.  I'm getting ready to go to service now. :) I always get so excited before I go--like a little 4 year old child. :D

Have a blessed rest of the day!