Great Ab Exercises

by fitforthesoul in

If you want to tone up your abs, it is a good idea to work out the back as well.  Having a healthy back and abdomen is very important for various things.  One of them is so that we can have a good posture well into our latter years. And besides, who doesn't want to be healthy and strong, right? :D

The first exercise shown below isn't a DIRECT AB EXERCISE, but it indirectly forces the abdominals to contract and remain tense while lifting the weights.

Any set of dumbbells can be used.  But of course, it should be adjusted to your own strength level.  I use the 8 lb. dumbbells, and sometimes 10 lb.  But please do be careful and have proper form! :)

Delt Back Rows

1.)  Stand with  your feet hip-width apart and while grabbing the weights, slowly bend at your hips.  *Do not bend your back though.*  Keep your back very straight as you contract your stomach.  The key is to tense up the front and back--therefore, the abdominals and the back muscles.

2.)  While smiling :), bring the weights up to your hip level as you squeeze the muscles in your back.  This will automatically happen as a result of bringing up the weights.

Front view

Front View 2

On-the-Ball Crunches

1.)  Sit on the ball with your tail bone area towards the edge of the ball.  Keep your feet about a hip-width distance.  Remember, keep the back straight.

2.)  ( I think I was laughing here)  Don't use momentum, and bring yourself down until you're almost parallel to the ground--still tensing the stomach area.

3.)  Slowly bring yourself up while still tensing the upper body, and make sure the back stays straight.

Oh man I felt so awkward and cheesy taking these shots! Hahaha.  But it's nice to be able to share these tips with others. :D  And please be careful with these moves!