Smell the Roses

by fitforthesoul in

I realized this week that I was depleted of emotional, mental, and physical energy for the most part. Circumstances are just circumstances, and I cannot blame them for being what they are.

In part, this lack of clarity of mind throughout the week is attributed to a lack of rest in my heart. A lack of trust. A lack of gratitude. And perhaps even a lack of love...

It's funny to see that many times I think that I've done pretty well until pressure sets in. Then, I know that I have more growing to do. But more growing to do is healthy! It's a sure sign of life working in us.

Come to think of it, I didn't "stop and smell the roses" this week!!! Ehhh? What do you mean Ellie?

Well that's usually what I do best! I stop and see the best in everything, maybe too much sometimes if you ask Greg me. :P Yeap, you got it. I am utterly most completely and extravagantly a "cup is half full" type. But I guess not this week.

However, I also realized that hard-pressed times--don't get me wrong, no one is dying here by the way--and even little circumstances that tend to get the best of us, or the worst of us in some cases, can teach us truly what we're made of.

At least this is the revelation I got this week. Yeah, I saw more and more that I'm still finding my weaknesses and short comings. But hey, cut me some slack here I'm only 23! Hehe.

The great thing about it all is that it reminded me to fiiiinallllyyyy stop and smell the roses. I'm so thankful for where I am, and the great things that are ahead. Knowing that I can be moldable still amazes me and I want to remain that way. I want Him to make me more into the woman that I'm called to be.

Roses, daisies, yellow flowers, same difference. : )

Stopping to smell the roses is not just a cliche, but it's a lifestyle. It's an attitude. A life of gratitude.