A Day for Fools!!

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Hi lovely friends!!  I'm a foo', yo!! A fool fo' love, that is...

Before I proceed, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind sweet comments, and excitement for my engagement and wedding planning!  You guys truly know how to rejoice with others' on their mountain tops in life. :)

Also, the suggestions and pieces of advice were so amazing that I'm really going to take them to heart.

  • Nicole had such a great encouragement saying that every moment with the husband God gave us gets better and better each day as we trust in Him!
  • Toni gave me an extremely practical tip to NOT TELL retail stores that whatever item I'm purchasing is for a wedding because they jack up the prices.
  • Joanna sent me a link for money saving strategies.
  • And just a big grin, hug, and thanks to all of you for the amore!

Hah! How fitting.  Guess what day it is tomorrow.  Yes it is April Fool's Day, but it's also another special day that calls for celebration!

It's mine and Greg's 3rd year anniversary dating/courting! :D

I hope you'll enjoy the photo "gallery" that I'm about to show ya!  Maybe I should just make my own museum and gallery with these... ;) kekeke get ready.

This was all taken at the Melting Pot on our 2nd anniversary, last year-tomorrow!  Hear the evil cackle in this picture? *[Muuuahhaahahhahahahha]*

Greg is such a detailed guy that he just loves giving me flowers out of the blue and doing little surprises even on non-special days.

One random fact about Greg:  He actually loves flowers and plants, and he's not ashamed to admit it.

We were on a quest to find beautiful hiking trails last spring.  This one was about 20 minutes away from our city--gorgeous location!

My small group and I were rehearsing for a musical skit (with no dialogues) about Jesus' Crucifixion.  He played the role of Jesus and did such a great job that it looked so real! 0_o" I was Mary, and I cried wahhh!

This season is one of our fondest memories together.  We were in India last summer and the photos were taken on top of a roof.

Now, this has to be one of the cutest traditions ever!  Korea is known to have a variety of crazy couple traditions, and they have a "holiday" for almost every excuse they can find in order to have a romantic atmosphere. :P

We were at Nam-Sahn tower--one of the tallest buildings in Korea.  It's located in the mountainous area and there's an elevator that takes you up to see the view of the country from atop.

So WHAT exactly are these chains?!  Every couple (or GIRL-friends) writes messages to each other on the chains and lock it into the fake tree.  Then, they throw away the keys into the mountains so as to signify that their love will never end or be broken...Cheesy?  Yes, it can be cheesy to some, but oh so fun to me!!

Exchanging letters for Christmas.  We love letters! :P

Errr this was from yesterday.  We were singing one of my favorite songs!

"I am sixteen goin' on seventeen, I'll depend~on you~~~"

Notice how I said that it's my fave song, because Greg can only stand to hear me sing it for 10 minutes straight.  Then it's game over. Aren't we just so mature and ready for marriage? :P

He's truly my best friend and I am so blessed that after God, I can depend on him for so many things.

Well, we have an excuse for this picture overload because it's our 3rd year tomorrow! So thank you for bearing with me. :)

Please tell me you guys like to frolick around and that G&I aren't the only strange ones hah!

What's one quality that really strikes you about a guy?

If you're in a relationship, what do you like to do for your anniversary?

Take care y'all!

Grace & Peace,

Ellie <33

p.s:  OMGSH!! My Firefox just crashed and I forgot to save the post but I guess it saved itself and a heart attack was diverted just now! Phew...