Just Extraordinary

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1.  beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established: extraordinary costs.
2.  exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable: extraordinary speed; an extraordinary man.
That, my friends, is what has been happening around the world.

Definition #1 speaks in regards to the 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

Definition #2 speaks in regards to how we should live this amazing, and yet crazy life.

As you may have already seen on the news, our friends in Japan have been at the brink of death, and some have even gone past the point of death.

Surprisingly enough (or not so surprising) even the state of California is being affected to a potentially serious degree.  The coastal areas of California are beginning to take the blows of Japan's 8.9 earthquake!  Now, if that isn't a huge number on the Richter scale, then I don't know what is!

Thankfully, I don't reside along the coast as I live about 30-40 minutes away from it.  However, this doesn't mean I am exempt from anything that nature brings.  Life is truly so short.  Sometimes, it dawns on me ever so strongly as to how utterly futile it is unless we live with a purpose.

Can I be excruciatingly honest with you?  If you read the next statement, then I perceive that you will forge ahead and bear with me and my rant.


I am guilty.  Extremely guilty. I am just so...not perfect in how I love God and others around me.

So many times I find myself praying for the nations to be healed by touch of God's hand, and so many times I burn with a desire to be a blessing to others who are hurting far more than I am.

Yet so frequently do I find myself slowly falling into a lackadaisical attitude of half-heartedly caring for other countries, or even states, that are going through a crisis.

Yes, I may often see on KCAL 9 and Fox News that there's a destructive hurricane going on somewhere.  My heart shatters to pieces knowing that all I can do is pray for them at the time.  In fact, that IS the best thing I can do; I can intercede on behalf of them because everything is in the best hands--in God's hands.

Although my soul may be going through these emotions, my mind tells me "Well, at least you're not THAT close physically to that location.  At least you're not being affected.  Be thankful Ellie."

This attitude of complacency is something that I want to live without.  I want all of my selfishness to succumb to the truth, and all of my being to care and love others to the point of my suffering with them if need be.

*sigh*  It feels better just bringing out to the light what I didn't even know was in the dark corners of my heart!

And now my beloved friends, a small portion of California is at the beginning stages of such crisis.  This is closer to home, and it is definitely a reminder that a life that is full of joy and peace, yet uncomfortable for the purpose of God, is what I strive for day and night.

I do not want to float through the motions of life, but I pray that everyday would be extraordinary and intentional  in how I think, talk, and act.

I believe that as humans beings, we all need a little kick in the butt from time to time to wake ourselves up from the doldrums of life--if you know what I mean. :)  And I am not assuming that you guys as individuals are like this, but I am speaking about myself and man-kind in general.

Don't get me wrong, my intent is not to bring you down as you read these words.  I may even come off as being melodramatic as a matter of fact!  And I certainly don't want this to be a condemning message to anyone of us!   But all I want is for us, as beautiful created beings, to live life with purpose and joy in the Lord.  :)   If you want to know exactly what I mean by that, then contact me. :)

My hope is that we may encourage one another to hope for the best, and pray for Japan, California, Canada, New Zealand, and all the countries out there.  Heck, the whole world needs healing!

May we care as if we cared for ourselves.  May I not only care at the moment of disaster, but may I care for the rest of my life.

Not only that,  but may we always be ready ourselves for whatever life may bring--because frankly, life is full of problems.   Like I mentioned, life is too short to not live with love, joy, peace, and purpose.

No matter what road we may be in, the truth is that we are born, we live, and we pass away.  So my point is, let us live a life that is extraordinary for Him and for others.  I love you all so much and hope the best for you always!  (If you need prayer regarding anything, then feel free to ask b/c I would love to.  The more prayer, the better.)

But do you know what else is more astonishing?  Jesus Christ loves you and me even more than what I, or anyone can ever fathom.

"Who is this Christ"?  One may ask.

He is the one of whom the Roman epistle talks about in the Bible...

"For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor present things, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." -Romans 8:38~39-

I have no idea how I've gotten on so many tangents here, let alone how I ended up with this verse! :P  (I am the queen of tangents after all) But this is my heart.  Although my words do no justice to the things on His heart, I hope that they are being somewhat conveyed in this post...

Grace & Peace,

Ellie <33

*********Update:  Here are some ways we can help!!!!

The red cross

Save the Children

Global Giving

International Medical Corps