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Thank you so much for all the sweet wishes and comments!  They truly made me smile and warmed my heart. :D

This past weekend was amazing!  Friday night with Greg was quite unexpected as we ended up in a not-so-romantic location to eat at.  We ate a whole crab in the most quaint restaurant you can think of.  But regardless, it's all about the love and the company, am I right?

Later we went to grab some dessert and caffeine at Urth Caffe.  I think by now, many of you know how much I love this place haha.

That's the best blueberry cheesecake-in-the-world for ya, along with mug of macha latte.

I can't get over how cute those little foamy figures are! Trust me--I tried making it at home, and it failed every time. :P

I cannot begin to express in words how thankful I am to God for working in my sister's heart!  All her life, she'd been in and out of church as well as in her faith in Christ.

I'm so amazed that last Saturday she actually wanted to go to a church service, and so we went--together!  For the first time, she actually enjoyed the time there and was utterly blessed.  I believe she's really starting to understand in her heart that this isn't about rules, but it's about a relationship with God.

This process of a heart change began about a year ago when we started to have Bible studies together.  From then on, her attitude and life was never the same.  For reals, God is the ultimate changer of hearts.

It was a great and busy weekend, yes.  I'm not sure if that's the reason why this happened, but suddenly I woke up with  aches all over my body on Sunday morning.

Suddenly I felt like NOTHING appealed to my taste buds when I woke up, and suddenly I felt like I had come down with  the mother of all fevers.  Yikes.

However, I knew Greg was going to give an amazing message and I really wanted to be there to support him, so I just prayed for strength and out the door I went.

After the service he took care of me all day as I stayed in bed till 11 pm.

I'm not one to complain or tell people that I'm sick--ever.  I sense that things are slowly changing, however.  I'll share a bit of what's going on.

I had a 101.5 F fever, along with muscle aches, sharp pains throughout my whole abdomen, and tingling in my limbs.  Vanquish and Tylenol have been my best friends.   Anyone know what this may possibly be? :)

So, this is why I had no desire to eat breakfast this morning but I knew I had to fuel my body.  Of course, what better meal than oatmeal for the sake of recovery?!  ;))

The hidden toppings are homemade granola, PB&CO Cinnamon Raisin PB, and a few crumbles of this cookie.

The recipe may be on its way.

As of now, I'm replenishing myself on water and juices for some Vitamin C.  I really can't stomach a lot of food.  I'm also looking forward to working out as soon as I recover. :D


Ellie <33

p.s.: Let's continue to be there for Japan y'all~

How was your weekend?

Do you know anything about my condition?  And what do you suggest I do to recover quickly?