Marvelous Monday

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Hello friends! There are a few things that I want to share about this Mahhhhvelous Monday...


First of all, I want to thank you with big virtual hugs for the support and encouragement regarding my nephew Daniel.  He is doing much better now and although seizure episodes are biologically probably in his future, his parents are now aware of the problem.  But hopefully, God will graciously spare him from those terrible episodes! :)  God is good no matter what life's circumstances may be in the end, and I always want to live by that motto.

Now that's marvelous news, wouldn't you agree?

Monday mornings are usually our "Sunday mornings".  In other words, breakfasts like pancake and French toast are in the books on Monday.  Actually, we still eat those even throughout the weekdays, but you know what I mean. Hehe.

Greg really enjoyed his caramelized spiced apple French toast!  It was full of flavor and had a perfect amount of sweetness.  Whenever I cook French toast for him I try to include as much protein as possible, and I do that by sprinkling lots of almond meal on the bread while it's cooking away on the skillet.

This method rends a super crisp and delicious top.

This is my simple and low-cost outfit that I put together in a pinch!  The flowy and free style of clothing has been my go-to way of dressing up as of late due to the comfort and flexibility of putting it together.

I basically paired up a $10 green T-shirt with my grey maxi skirt and accessorized it with that huge belt you see on the picture.  To go along with it, I like to wear the ivory wedges that I bought at Aldo  for my wedding day.  Voila!  Fast, simple, creative. ;)

Thanks Katie for reminding us to embrace the little to the big things in life!

What's one (or many) positive or beautiful thing in your Monday?


Ellie <33