Nearly Died but Lived

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Magandang hapon!  [Good afternoon in Tagalog] This weekend was packed with fun, blessings, and lots of service.

Oh and you know, good food. ;)  What else did you expect from me?

On Friday, Greg and I attended one of the small groups because he's been wanting to implement a really awesome Bible study program by the inspiring pastor Francis Chan, called Crazy Love, which happens to be a new method of studying for this church family.

If you know anything about the Filipino culture, we love to use any excuse to gather together and celebrate something!  It can really be anything from a birthday to just wanting to feast together.  And yes, I said "we" because both of us find ourselves slowly integrating and becoming a part of them and their way of life.  :D

Obviously, lots of food was involved, but by the time we got to eat I was so hungry that I forgot to photograph any of it.

Then Saturday rolled in and I was pleased that I got to do three of my favorite things:  I got to bake, spend time with friends, and play with cute little kiddoz.

My friend Elizabeth asked me to help bake a bunch of delicious treats for Germany missions.  Elizabeth, along with a group of approximately 10 people, are traveling through Germany, Italy, and all the way to Belgium to help the churches there that are struggling.

Of course I complied to this honorable request and I pretty much spent the day baking and lounging around with great company.

Elisa, one of my friends, was staying over at my former pastor's house to take care of his kids for the weekend.  At one point, all three kids begged us to take them to the swimming pool (the one that I used to go to all the time when I was in Jr. High!  So weird).  Needless to say, it was pretty cool to feel like "a mom"! Haha.  People probably thought that we were really young moms and I didn't try to hide it either.

Before I forget to mention the reasoning to the title of this post...

Elisa and I nearly died!  Well, not really, but at one point we were deep frying some Korean rice cakes to sell at the fundraising event and the oil just exploded on Elisa's face!


I was freaking out inside but tried to stay calm so that she wouldn't freak out too.  It was frightening because it did that 2 more times consecutively, and I was so worried that she would end up with burn marks.  Very fortunately, there were no scars left because she washed it with cold water and then we iced it and put a load of ointment all over her forehead.

The oil ended up splashing over my neck and arms as well, but nothing happened either.  And the cool thing is that right before she started deep frying the stuff, her contacts started bothering her so she took them out and wore glasses instead.  Glasses are the best shield for hot oil!

Food over the Weekend

Salmon filet with pineapple and maple balsamic glaze.  Brown Basmati rice and corn on the cob as the side dish.

Homemade banana yogurt soft serve via the Magic Bullet.  Best healthy topper over a chocolate chip cookie!

Today's breakfast was a winner in my [recipe] book.  Since I ran out of milk, I got creative and used ricotta cheese as the substitute.  It was delicious!   I topped it with fresh fruit, greek yogurt, and pure maple syrup with pineapple on the side.

Hope you have a beautiful start of the week! :)

Do you get creative and try to use any ingredient as a substitute?

Are you a kid-person?  What are your fondest memories as a child?

What are the main cultures that surround you?


Ellie <33