Pimp My Crib

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Yo whattup homiez?!  Yes, I really do talk like that sometimes.  Except it doesn't really look right on a 5'1" (or 5'2"?) little Asian girl who looks far too nice to be "gangsta". Yesterday Greg and I made a much needed trip Macy's at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance.  As you may already know, we're looking to pimp our house with pretty things, frilly things, modern things--what have you-- since we moved into our new home about 2 months ago.  :)

Remember that time when I replaced the little cabinet handles in the kitchen and we assembled the gorgeous storage cabinet?  Well, the fun didn't stop there because a.)  We need to make our home feel more...homey.  And b.) it needs to be updated a bit and filled with comfortable furniture.  Therefore, the purpose to our Macy's trip yesterday was for this very thing.

We've been trying to not have too many guests over our house since it's still empty and kind of "unwelcoming" in terms of the physical aspect.  We finally decided to make time last week to shop around for the sofaMuch to our dismay, we couldn't find any that were reasonably priced and narrow enough to fit in our house--yet, it still had to be long enough for Greg to lie down on it.  If you're thinking that sofa-shopping is complicated then you got that right!  It kind of is. :P

The two couches pictured above were our faves out of Macy's huge selection!  Both were comfy and came in a reasonable size. The one in the taupe color is a transitional style and its best feature is the comfort factor.  The one in ivory is cozy as well, but its main feature is the beautiful modern design.

Can you guess which one we purchased?!

Since Mondays are usually our date nights, we decided that Urth Caffe sounded the best for dinner.  Surprise, surprise!  Hah!

I don't know if you've noticed yet, but we tend to frequent Urth more often than you would think.  Plenty of times I kept it a secret and didn't even blog about it. :P

As per usual, we started our dinner with their amazing Spanish Latte, which happens to be boldly inspired by the coffee style of Barcelona.  It is just slightly sweet and one can order it mild or strong.  I cannot describe how delicious it is!  For some reason, it tastes somewhat smokey but in a good way, all while it maintains the perfect amount of creamy taste.

Okay, my love for their latte is getting scary now.  I should stop.

If you were to give Greg a choice between a fruit bowl (or plate) and an actual meal, he would actually choose the fruit!  I'm not kidding.  That's how much he loves his vitamin C and can eat 5 oranges in one day.  Try to beat that.

You would think that the fruit plate above was his appetizer, but it really was his dinner.  However, he was really disappointed because he was expecting a huge bowl of yogurt and not a teensy little dipping bowl.

I tried Urth's vegetarian chili for the first time and I have to say that it was really delicious.  It almost tasted like it had meat!  That's how much flavor was packed in this bowl.    The sourdough on the side was perfectly toasted and fluffy on the inside.  Sourdough is probably one of my favorite dipping breads, so it was a win.

We finished our meal with their bestpumpkinpieyouwillevertasteintheworld as dessert.  Unfortunately, I just realized that the picture is really blurry and not very presentable here on the blog. :D  This was the Urth Caffe located in Santa Monica, so afterward we had to take the obligatory walk down the 3rd Street Promenade.

When we came back home, we got to work and pimped our bathroom with gorgeous decorative stuff.  I can't wait to show you guys next time!

What's your favorite cafe in the area you live?

Sourdough bread, si or no?

Have you gone furniture shopping before?  How was your experience?


Ellie <33