These are My Favorite Things

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Hello there!  Thank you so much for reading and contributing some encouragement to the last post.  Y'all are really supportive, understanding, and kind folks. I have to point out however, that although I made it sound like marriage itself has been the struggle I've been coming up against, that is actually not the case at all!  Yes of course, marriage has its challenges and obstacles but quite honestly, those are the kinds of challenges that can be so empowering once you learn how to communicate!  So the whole newlywed department has been an awesome, blessed journey thus far.  In case you were wondering.

Basically, the last post has to do with not equating my self-worth to society's expectations--such as having a great job, a greater education degree, etc.  :) I know I don't owe an explanation, but I wanted to clarify things because sometimes it's hard to write out my exact thoughts!

Now onto the randomness of this post!  Beware, as I will ramble about all the things that I've been loving lately.  This reminds me of Sound of Music's song titled "My Favorite Things".  Love that classic film.

Umm...has anyone out there tried Silk Soy Creamer?!  My goodness is it tasty.  I usually abhor with a passion dislike regular creamers and choose milk or soy milk any day.

This soy creamer is really tasty and doesn't seem to be much different from regular soy except for the fact that it's a lot more concentrated.  Also, I think it has a bit more added sweetener.  I'd love to try their hazelnut flavor as well!

Growing up I had always been the kid who did everything the opposite from others.  I guess some things don't change because I've been consuming pumpkin and Kabocha squash even though it's now summer.

This was my lunch the other day.

First, I cut the squash in half and then sprayed some oil on it with a few sprinkles of paprika and cinnamon.  It broiled for a good 20 minutes and afterward, I filled the squash with pulled pork (using this recipe), brie cheese, hummus and avocado.  :D

Oasis has super good hummus!  I really love Sabra hummus and that's usually the one I purchase, but Oasis is definitely the runner up because it tastes so authentically Mediterranean.

Oh yeah, these two cuties?  Don't mind them.

They're just Orion and Sheba.  Our (and Greg's originally) two furry kids!  Orion is super chill and cuddly, whereas Sheba is skiddish and the smallest movement will make her hide under her tent. :P

Sadly enough, we are looking for a loving home for them because ever since Greg and I started dating, we found out that I'm allergic to cats!  My condition isn't too terrible, but it's enough to make my eyes and throat itch.  The way I've been remedying that is by taking Claritin everyday.

Tonight I used this beauty from TJ's to make an Arrabiata type of sauce.

I tried to make it into a healthier and easier "lasagna" with meatballs with a twist of Arrabiata.  The outcome was successful!

If you don't feel like going through the whole process of being extra careful with handling raw meat, then I highly suggest this method!  I ground up cooked chicken sausages with some spices, herbs, and an egg to make them into nice little balls.

The yellow squash added a nice crunch to this dish, and the ricotta balanced out the whole meal.

Want to know what I did yesterday?


I spinned--spun(?)  at the gym for 40 minutes for the very first time.  This ended up being one of those oddly exhilarating experiences in which you expect a mediocre workout but end up with a sore and sweaty derriere.  I never thought to give it a try until recently, and yesterday I finally decided to take the plunge.  Julie's motivating post definitely helped!

The great thing about spinning is that you get to control the speed and intensity as much as you like.  In addition, it's easy to burn calories through this piece of equipment in merely 30 minutes or less.  I don't know how others feel when spinning, but I felt empowered and like a kid all over again!  :) I think this will be another addition to my fitness rotation.

Hope you have a blessed and happy Sunday!

What's your favorite flavor and brand of hummus?

What have you been loving lately?  It can be anything!

Have you tried any new routines or fitness equipment?


Ellie <33