Coffee Bliss and A Giveaway

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Happy weekend, my friends!  Wow.  Just wow.  I am infinitely grateful and extremely surprised by how encouraging you guys can be.  Time and again you guys are used by God to make me smile, and I want you to know that you are making a difference in my life (and this world)!  Even when I feel most "inadequate" in certain life skills, I think that you all push me to become better and try harder in the things that I love. Yes, I may love to write poems, but I obviously don't write them often enough, nor do I have enough confidence because of the limitations that I impose on myself.  That's just like anything in life.  When I put limitations to my spiritual and mental growth, I also put God in a nicely embellished box in which He can still work and do miracles, but not as much as He wants to because He respects my heart's wishes.  My friends, He is a gentleman waiting for me to make the next move because He has already done everything for me.  But that's a whole different topic for a different post. ;)

Where was I going with this?

Oh yes, the topic that’s relevant to the title above.  This isn’t much of a smooth transition now, is it?

I’m not sure if any of you caught wind of my love for coffee, or more like caffeine addiction (I love tea too), because I certainly don’t talk about it on the blog as much as I do in real life.  You think you know me, but you don’t. :P  I am often found checking into Yelp’s reviews on my Android, simply because it’s fun and I find the reviews to be accurate 95% of the time.  The other 5% is—well, just ask Greg about that since he’s had his fair share of bad experiences.  I also think I rubbed off on Greg as I catch him Yelping more often than I do.  Muhaha!

After reading the reviews on Old Torrance Coffee & Tea, as I’ve been ultra curious to know what this little place was all about, I was convinced that it would be “my spot” for doing some work on the computer while getting my caffeine fix for the afternoon.  And so it was!


I have to admit that the moment I walked into this cafe, I had a hard time breathing because of the stuffy and warm air coming from their machinery.  Perhaps they need to invest in some air conditioning?  But no need to worry.  Because you know—cute little decorations pasted all over the walls plus terrific java makes up for everything else.  Yep, the old cliche that says, “the glass is half-way full” totally applies here.


As you can see in the photo, they are all about the vintage and old-time feel.  They even had a Tibetan Singing Bowl.  How cool is that?!  Okay so, I have no idea what a Tibetan Singing Bowl is…but it looked really cool, so maybe it’s about time that I Google this Tibetan Bowl.  (Ah, so that’s what it is!)


I was dying to try their baked goods as they had a wide variety of bars and coffee cakes.  The ones that stood out to me were the lemon bar and mocha bread, but since dinner time was nearing, I decided to leave that for another day.  I’m also pretty excited to try their peanut butter latte the next time I go inYes, you read that right.  Some sweet and fatty goodness in a cup!  Mmmm…


Old Torrance Coffee & Tea serves some terrific brew!  I got their regular iced coffee with a splash of soymilk, and all I can say is that it exceeded my expectations.  It tasted really nutty, bold, yet not too strong to the point where it burns up my tongue with its ashy flavor.  I do love Starbucks for many reasons, but oftentimes their coffee tastes so burnt that I need to add milk until it overflows.  Anyone else have this experience with Starbucks? :P

And now…it is time…for…a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Slimkicker Heart Rate & Calorie Monitor Giveaway

I was recently contacted by the cool people at SlimKicker, which is a site that helps ordinary folks like you and me to keep track of our health and fitness goals.  This site offers a variety of nutrition and health advice, and they pride themselves in helping people reach their health goals by providing fun and creative challenges.  For example, one can challenge him or herself to stop drinking soda for a week, or something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

In this giveaway, they want to give one blessed participant the chance to win an awesome heart rate and calorie monitor!

Isn’t she lovely?!  Maybe you can win it and then mail it to me, hehe.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment about a challenge that you or anyone else could partake in, in order to reach his/her fitness goals.

Additional but optional:  You can tweet something along the lines of, “Give one creative fitness/dietary challenge & win a heart rate & calorie monitor at".  Make sure to leave a comment saying that you tweeted about it!

This giveaway will close within a week, which is Friday, July 3rd.  Best of wishes to you all!


Ellie <33