I Got Some Skills Hey Hey Hey

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Hullo there!  I hope this fine sunny day (if it's summer where you live) is treating you with much love today.  And thank you so so so much for your feedback on the last post.  I guess I'm not the only one who feels funny when they receive such comments. :P Ahem.  Hey guys...check it out.  I've got some skills [not] with making blog headers!  I hope I'm not the only one who's grinning as wide as a little kid whenever I lay eyes upon my new header. ;)

Surprisingly, it was a lot easier than I thought! But I did keep going back and forth with the different designs that I came up with.  Admittedly, they are quite amateur looking and if a professional web designer saw them, he or she would scoff at my web designing incompetence.

But hey, baby steps right?!

These are the different styles I came up with:

Do any of these headers stick out to you?  And if so, do you think the one I have currently should stay or go?

By the way, have any of you ever watched the movie Little Rascals? (Sorry I'm asking too many questions)

Oh my goodness.  This used to be one of my favorite movies of all time!  I love the kids' adorable expressions and when they sing "I got a pickle I got a pickle, I got a pickle, hey hey hey!".  Hence, the silly title of this post.  Hehe.

Now it's time for a WIAW post y'all!


Make sure to link up your own eats and workouts if you blog.  And if you don't, share with us just what you've been up to. :)


Yesterday's grocery haul included a ton of organic fruit from Whole Foods, which happened to include some fresh figs.  I just love figs so much, especially when they're juicy and super sweet.  My favorite way of eating them is on top of a Greek flat bread with feta cheese and honey, just the way I had it at Kentro Greek Kitchen back a few months ago.

Today's breakfast was a stack of buckwheat pancakes (oh how I've missed those) with caramelized figs on the side, and smeared with peanut butter, maple syrup, and the best coconut oil I have ever tried.  More on that later.

I have to say though...I much prefer eating figs fresh rather than caramelized on the pan.  I guess it would be good if it's baked in the oven though.

Vanilla Biscotti coffee has been our pick of the week, and although it's a really delightful taste, it doesn't taste anything like biscotti.   Sowie Folgers! :P


Today's lunch was plain stellar because it included so many wholesome ingredients.  A baked yam with melted Muenster cheese and avocado, paired with a tuna salad was just perfect and refreshing.  The tuna salad included a bit of greek yogurt, a teaspoon of mayo, and ground mustard.

Somebody was obsessed with my fishy meal and kept following me everywhere!  Confession:  I'm one of those evil pet owners who like to tease their pets with food.  Muahhaaaa it's just too cute and funny to resist.


[Courtesy of the Android]

You wanna know what Greg's favorite snack is?  A fruity bowl of yogurt with honey.  It's really great that he loves it as much as I do because I can make a whole batch of it in one sitting and he has his bowl as I eat mine.

I told you that even people who are most apprehensive to healthy eating can change their minds!

Have you tried the Über Larabar yet?  This stuff is amazing.  I think I like it way more than the original Larabars because it's a bit crunchier and it's filled with nuts.  I highly recommend this if you are hungry and on the run.

And about that coconut oil I was talking about...

Dr. Bronner's makes the best coconut oil that I've ever tried by far.

It's super tasty and smells sweet rather than "pungent", as many other brands tend to have sort of a soapy scent to them.  Or is it just me who thinks that?

I got the one with the milder taste while I was shopping at Whole Foods, and I can say that I feel a wee bit excited to make some healthy treats with this little treasure.

Have you tried coconut oil and are you a fan of it?

What are some of your favorite treats that include coconut oil?


Ellie <33