Plie like a Ballerina and Run like the Wind

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Hi there!  Wowww…I feel like I haven’t posted in such a long time!  Even though I only post about 3-4 times a week, posting after 6 days feels like forever. Without further ado, I want to thank you all for the awesome feedback in regards to my headers!  Yeah…  I’ve been having so much fun using my creative juices that I just couldn’t help myself from ending up with like, a gazillion different styles.  And changing the headers like, the same amount of times.  In the end, I decided to go with a nice clean look. :)  I can be so indecisive sometimes that I absolutely drive myself nuts!  Are you guys the same way?

Here’s to hoping that indecision has one of those quirks when people say, “did you know that if you are (insert adj.) then that means you are (insert adj.)?”

Lately, both Greg and I have been little busy bees with our church’s VBS coming up!  Not only do we have a lot of decorations to help out with, but we’re also the characters in this year’s skit.  Somehow, I ended up with the lead character named Kamalei, and she’s a super perky and quirky gal that probably suits my character a little too well.  I still have lots of lines to memorize and to say that I’m just a bit nervous would be an understatement!

In order to deal with the upcoming 5 days of VBS, I went ahead and squeezed in some great workouts yesterday because I just don’t know if I’ll have any free time at all this week.  Most likely, I will do some of Leah’s shorts routines or a short body weight circuit in the evening.  That is…if I have any energy left in me.

I am constantly reminded that in the midst of hectic schedules, I (and we) should be mindful of keeping up with at least some of my daily routines like staying active and eating healthy snacks and meals.  Or at least as much as time allows.  Remember, preparation helps with success!


This morning’s breakfast was very exciting.  So exciting that I was waiting for a few good days for Greg’s peanut butter jar to come to an end!


I tell you, sometimes you just have to go back to a simple jar of hot oats to start your day off right.  Oh, and a great devotional read.

This oat jar was filled with bananas, cinnamon, and apples!  It was sprinkled with sunflower seeds, a block of dark sea salt chocolate, and carrot muffin pieces from Mimi’s Cafe.  Mimi sure makes the meanest carrot muffins to have walked upon the face of the earth my taste buds.

Then lunch rolled around a few hours later and I was hungry for Sabra’s garlic hummus, toast, greens, and a side of lemon chicken soup.


I will be sharing the recipe soon so stay tuned for that!


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I had an awesome workout session yesterday.  It consisted of 25 minutes of running intervals and a short circuit that left my muscles burning, and it goes something like this:

I colored the intervals so that it would be easier to see the break-down because there’s nothing as overwhelming as a hard-to-read chart.  After the last interval recorded in the chart, I went back down in incline level and speed until I completed a total of 25 minutes.   As you can see, the sprints are long enough to leave me gasping for breath, but short enough so that my legs won’t give in during the sprint.

I think that one of the most essential components of intervals is the brief time of going all out and then resting or walking for an even shorter period of time. At the end of this interval I wanted to cry and call for my mommy.

After running, I headed over to the private room and performed a circuit of 4 exercises:

1)  Burpees with pushups- 12 reps

2)  Toe Plie Squats- 12 reps

3)  Renegade Rows- 12 reps alternating sides (10 lbs. each hand)

4)  Mountain climbers-  20 reps (2 jumps=1 rep)

I then proceeded to complete 3 plank holds for 1 min. and 30 sec. each time.  Well, the last time I collapsed to the ground right at minute 1.  :P

I hope you guys are having a great week and talk to you soon!


Do you prefer long distance running or intervals?

-I like to do both, and it all depends on what I’m “feeling” that day.

Are you an indecisive person?  If so, when are you like that the most?


Ellie <33