Date Day and the Perfect Cookiewich

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Hello there!  As I’ve mentioned in the past, Mondays usually mark our date nights or as I like to call yesterday’s adventure at the Getty Villa, a “Date Day”.  An ideal date for us normally entails a nice romantic dinner at some highly reviewed restaurant, or simply having loads of fun walking around nature filled places with no real direction to aim for.  Sure, we do want to know where we want to go next and all, but oftentimes we find ourselves wanting to go wherever the wind takes us.PicMonkey Collage As we learned about the history of the Getty Villa and its passionate founding father, we strolled throughout the entire museum and nature grounds as we ooooh and aaaah’d at the magnificent Roman sculptures, intricately designed ceilings (which by the way, I want in my own room), and beautifully chiseled pillars that were influenced by the Greeks circa 79 AD.  During Paul the apostle’s time!  Pretty cool eh?


Okay, so there are times when we had too much fun snickering at the broken noses of practically all the head sculptures, with the exception of a few fortunate ones that still had all their bodily parts intact.




The view from up top was simply breath taking!  The whole museum overlooks the ocean and shores of Malibu Beach.  Greg and I talked about how much we wouldn’t mind living here…haha!


As odd as it sounds, one of the most fascinating things to me was the herb garden!  In my opinion, the fragrant smell coming from the thyme, lavender, and earthy leaves was just intoxicating—but in a good way of course.  :D  Now, you might be thinking, “Out of all the cool things you saw at a museum, you liked herbs the most?!”  Why yes.  I’m hoping that by now you realize that I’m fascinated with food and beautiful, fresh ingredients. ;)  I think that it would be such a fun hobby to someday grow my own herbs and produce.  But first, I have to read up on some gardening skills and seriously decide to commit to it.

After spending a few hours at the Getty, we felt pretty hungry so we decided to eat an early dinner at Urth Caffe just because it was 10 minutes away and it’s only one of our favorite spots to eat at!

I’m not sure if I love their Spanish Latte more, or their tasty meals.  That’s a tough question.



Along with the latte I ordered their broccoli puree soup which includes pieces of potato.  The only honest personal opinion I can give you is that it was to die for!  I know that broccoli seems bleh to most people.  And admittedly, broccoli puree doesn’t sound too much of a lavish meal…but for someone who adores vegetables, the earthy taste of salty broccoli soup was just perfect.

And as if our day wasn’t already long enough, we also walked around a strip near the Santa Monica Promenade, where we found this gem of a clothing store called Ocean Park Merchants Market.  Holy moly was this place filled with good stuff!  It was one of those places where almost everything is a hit. Not only is there a wide array of different clothing styles, but everything seems to be reasonably priced.  I hadn’t shopped for clothes in quite a while as I don’t consider myself a big spender when it comes to outfits, but I ended up buying a beautiful shirt.


It’s exactly the style that I was hoping to find someday!  The color (which is my favorite), the button up high neck feature, and the lacey material combination are pretty nice.  Of course, it is kind of see-through so I have to wear a spaghetti strap under it. ;)


If you stay tuned for the next post, I’m going to be sharing this wholesome, clean, and delicious cookiewich recipe!  And the best part about it?  It’s completely gluten free.

Have a beautiful day and seize it with all you’ve got!

What clothing style suits your taste?

Have you been to the Getty Villa?  Do you enjoy going to museums and art galleries?

What’s your ideal date night/date day?


Ellie <33