Fashion {non} Haul and Technology

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Hi dearest friends! If it seems to you like I've been somewhat MIA lately, then you're spot on because I've been having computer problems.  My beautiful HP laptop that my Fatha gave me when I transferred schools has been going blank whenever I open the lid more than 45 degrees.  Waaahhhh! :( I'm kind of sentimental when it comes to gifts from loved ones.  But oh well.  That is life for us--nothing material lasts. Am I right, or am I right? :D

Greg is checking in with the Geek Squad today and we'll see if we can get the HP fixed at a low cost.  If that's not the case we just might have to purchase a new one.  As for now, I'll be blogging on my dear husband's IPad or computer when he's not using them.  :)

Oh man, it's kind of challenging typing on the IPad's touch screen!  Have you guys tried blogging on it before?  I think it's kind of impossible.

So for now please bear wit my phone's beautiful fuzzy pictures.  I hope we're still cool? :P

After finishing up house chores, I headed out to Target to get some things and got very distracted in the process.

I've always loved polka dots and used to wear the same polka dot dress over and over when I was 4 years old.

These pants were a bit too loose and wrinkly in different places.

I usually feel pooped after trying on clothes.  Sorry if this close-up scared you.  It scared me too.  So what did I end up buying?

Absolutely nothing.  Haha!  I exercised some self control here and besides, I have to be in love with an outfit and it has to be really inexpensive for me to buy it.

And for today's WIAW--courtesy of Jenn...

Since Starbucks is right across from Target, I stopped by and got an iced coffee with soy milk and some nuts with cranberry.  It was the perfect snack packed with protein.

While grocery shopping at Whole Foods for organic produce (we've been doing really well with this new change) I got a vegan peanut butter cookie per Allie's suggestion.  She was raving about WF's vegan cookies after she saw my love for their vegan blueberry muffin.  After taking a few bites I was sold!  Except, I think all it needs is just a tad more peanut butter.  ;)

Tonight's dinner featured a lasagna that I baked last week and froze more than half of it.  For this recipe I used brown rice flour pasta and it tastes fabulous.  Wow, lasagnas are a great choice to freeze and microwave when you're short on time!  The great thing about them is that they taste and feel just like they did straight out of the oven.

I hope you guys have a blessed week and carpe diem!

Oh man, I cannot wait to share some great workouts with you all because I've been kicking my own derriere with them.  And I have the interview this week!  Pray for me.  No matter what happens though, God is good.

Are you a fan of vegan desserts and baked goods?  

What's the go-to freeze meal in your household?

Do you have self control when it comes to shopping?  


Ellie <33