Reward in Perseverance

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Happy Saturday everyone! This is going to be a lengthy post, so if you actually want to read all of it, then grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax. :D  I will be talking about things that are really significant in my life, as I’ve been praying about this matter for so long.  Well, pretty much most of my life.  And hey, we’re talking about more than 10 years since I’m still in my early 20’s.  Aren’t you jealous?  :D  Just kidding.

Basically, I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ ever since I was at the ripe old age of 4.

red lippsss When I was two.  Just because I looked cute.

Ever since I had let Him into my heart, I knew that anything and everything was from Him because He loves me so much.  Though I was cognitively young, my spirit was bursting at the seams with a knowledge of who God was, and most importantly, what it meant to have a relationship with Him. 

You see, I didn’t necessarily grow up in a “Christian” environment or household, aside from the fact that every now and then my parents would drop me off at church or I would just walk to service on my own, since in Argentina there are pretty much no regulations when it comes to keeping children safe on the streets, and cops don’t even care.  But even when my parents did attend church service, they would leave right away.  It was then that I realized that I wanted to—no—I needed to pray for them for the relationship with God that they’d been missing out on…and that peace that they longed for so long, but yet didn’t have a clue as to how they could find it.

I have to be honest that day in and day out my heart broke for my family because I wanted them to know God’s love, because I believe that it’s the only true love that lasts…for eternity!!!  I mentioned in a post a little over a year ago that my sister had finally come to make peace with God.  And that deserves a hallelujah, right?!!  Well, fast forward to about 4 months ago, and my dear brother in law finally surrendered his heart to Jesus.  As I type these words I’m having such a difficult time maintaining a straight face, partly because of joy, and partly because of the pain that they all had to go through before they met God.  Now, this isn’t to say that pain doesn’t come to a Christian because truth be told, sometimes pain and opposition can get greater as we walk a life of faith.  But the great news is that it is all worth it in the end because He promises to be with us wherever we go, and He comes to our rescue when we least expect it.

Now fast forward again to…yesterday!  Yup, yesterday.

As soon as I awoke in the morning I had a deep tugging in my heart telling me that my parents wanted to finally open up to God, because you see, since last year they’ve been so much more open to prayer and topics about faith.  Just yesterday, I felt that they were somehow “ready”—whatever that meant, I wasn’t quite sure.  That this time around, there wouldn’t be any more of “Ohh we’ll go to church when the time is right.  Hmm  once we stop working and retire we will probably be willing to listen to a church sermon”.  Ohhhh the list of “reasonings” just goes on!  And after having prayed and thought about it for a while, I decided to call my parents at work and asked them if they wanted to go to my old church, since it’s so close to their place.  And without hesitation, their answer was a big fat incredible YES. 

Yes?!! Well, is that it?  Are you being serious or are you pulling my leg?”  I thought to myself.  And just like that, we met up at night to attend the church’s Friday night service which is held weekly.  I have to be honest with you here.  All throughout the time of praise and prayer I was a nerve wreck (in my heart of course) because I didn’t know what their final response would be.  I finally gave it to God and started to focus on Him and not on my parents.

The message was not only the same exact thing that I was reading about in my morning devotional, but it was exactly what my parents needed to hear.  At least, that’s what I’d like to think.  Pastor Han’s sermon basically revolved around the fact that the moment we forget about God’s grace, we are at a vulnerable state and it’s that much harder to turn back to Him.  And I couldn’t agree with him more on that matter.

After all was over, I quietly and patiently awaited for their response.

*Cue the crickets*  Yeah, it was one of those moments.

To my delight, they were extremely blessed by the message, and although they tried to hide the elation that they felt (because Korean parents aren’t very expressive to begin with), I just knew that God had answered my prayer.  They’re curious to find out what the Sunday service will be like, and it seems like they’re willing to give it another shot.

I realize that church isn’t the only way of “believing in Jesus”.  I believe that church for many people is just the tip of the iceberg of tasting God’s love, and for some other people, church is the cherry on top in their walk with Him.  Whatever the case may be, church is just a hospital for those who are hurting, and whether we are aware of it or not, all of hurt in some way because life is tough!  But how much better is it to let God carry us through the storm?

Greg said to me once, “I would rather suffer in the light with God rather than walk through it alone in the darkness.”  I think this was the revelation that was given to my parents as of last night.  Hopefully, the hurt they’ve received from “hypocritical” Christians will be healed and mended because believe me, we are all hypocrites at one point or another.  And the crazy thing is that Christ never promised us that we’d be perfect witnesses here on earth!  But we should strive to become more like Him in truth and in love.  The funny thing is, I totally understand why so many people don’t want to know Christ because of others’ “hypocrisy”.  I mean, why should they when they don’t see Jesus in them, right?!  We should ideally reflect Him one way or another, right?  But we’re all imperfect people in need of healing.  Simple as that.

I know that this was an INTENSE post, but this is who I am!  And as the motto of my blog suggests, good health starts from the inside out, I am constantly reminded that yes, watching out for mine and others’ physical health is important, but what’s even more important and eternal is taking care of our souls.

familywedding My beautiful family

Although I know that praying for my family is not over yet, as we should always be praying for one another, I feel so blessed to have experienced this amazing victory.  It’s almost as if God is giving me a nugget of gold of a reminder me to always persevere.  No matter what, always push through in prayer until I receive an answer.  Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes it’s yes, and sometimes it’s just silent for a long time (hello, 10+ years!).  But regardless, He always answers.

I do apologize in advance if I came off as preachy!  Because I don’t mean to be, and if I did sound that way, it’s all because of my limited writing skills…but, I’m working on it! ;)

What I don’t apologize for is the fact that God loves you so very much.  As weird as it may sound, He desires to be with us and be loved by us.  Say what??!!!  Loved by me, a minute human being?

Yeah.  I’m confused by that statement as well.  Welcome to the club.

I love you guys and hope that you have an amazing rest of the weekend!

PS:  You don’t have to feel obligated to leave a comment if you don’t want because I understand it’s a heavy topic.  I’m just blurting out the things that make me happy and thankful, and if you read through all of this, then more power to ya.


Ellie <33