San Diego Adventures and More

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Ohhhhh my!  It has been so long since I've seen you guys through this blogging page. *sniff sniff*

You all know the saying that goes, "you never know what you have until you lose it".  Well, that couldn't be any more true in my blogging practice, as I haven't been able to actually get on a computer for about a week now.  In this day and age, being computer-less is harder than it actually seems.

I also want to take that saying very seriously in every aspect of my life, because life tends to throw us its mysterious surprises.  The greatest things that I want to treasure in my heart are the relationships that God has entrusted me with.  And I did just that over my absence of blogging! :D

Greg's parents were visiting us after a wedding that they attended in Denver, so they decided to fly over to San Diego and spend a few days at the Marriott Marquis.  It was there that our unforgettable time together began.  Just last week!

Hehe...Of course, they invited us to stay at the Marriott with them, and both Greg and I agreed that this was one of the nicest hotels we'd ever stayed at.  The whole resort took us back on memory lane as we reminisced about our honeymoon in Kauai.  We have so many fond memories of that place that Marriott Marquis is pretty much on par with Kauai's Sheraton Hotel.  But even still, the Sheraton will always hold the biggest portion of our hearts.  I guess we're just a bit biased.  ;)

Though it was quite warm throughout our 2-day trip, the weather was overall too gorgeous.  We took advantage of the sunny skies by taking walks around the hotel area and even making a trip to Coronado Island.

That mansion-like building would be the Del Coronado Hotel, which was established over 120 years ago!  Not to mention, more than a handful of celebrities like Marylin Monroe have spent their nights at this hotel.

Cutest mother and son I know. Sharon's (Greg's momma) faith and perseverance through all troubles and circumstances is a constant inspiration for me!

On that same evening we had reservations at Roy's Restaurant--a rather fancy location with a fancy shmancy menu.  Everything was really delicious! Above you see Greg's sushi order.  The roll on the right is his usual spicy tuna dish, and the one on the left is a house special with a Mexican touch to it. His take on these two rolls is that  they are some of the best he's ever tried in his life.  I, on the other hand, really enjoyed them but felt that I've had better ones in the past.  (Just my honest opinion for anyone who wants a serious review!) :)

Sharon opted for the macadamia encrusted Mahi Mahi dish which was fabulous, and Russell went with his usual (by usual I mean, all the time) steak and potatoes dish.

I was having mild stomach issues that day so I wasn't too hungry.  Since I didn't want to ruin the night with more stomachaches, I just stuck with one dumpling appetizer along with the eel and salmon nigiri sushi.  After cleaning up my plate and Sharon's leftovers I was full!  :P

After dinner we eye-shopped around the cute little stores that SD had to offer.  There, Sharon was determined to buy a nice souvenir for her daughter [in-law].  She knew how much I had admired her beautiful turquoise jewelry and decided that we needed to match! :D  I ended up coming back home with a gorgeous turquoise ring, indeed...So sweet of her!  Yeah.  We're one of those who actually get along and love each other, thankfully.  Hah!

After coming back from our SD trip, Greg's dad, Russell, noticed that our baptism pool is super old!  I have to be humbly honest and say that it did need a tranformation bit of a touch up.

Russell is a true handy-man and is so great at what he does.  Get this.  Within a mere 10 hour period, he tore down the whole baptismal minus the actual tub and redid it with new wood materials he got on the same day.  We're so thankful and amazed by the work he did.  Hopefully I can show you the beauty he built in a few posts from now.  :)

I hope to talk to you soon guys!  I'm still reading blogs when I can through the IPad, so I'm not completely missing in action.

Who in your life inspires you to become a better you?

What was the last memorable trip you had with loved ones?

Are you a fan of stone jewelry?

-I think I'm starting to love them!  Especially the bright ones.


Ellie <33