Summer Staples

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Hello my loves!  Oh goodness gracious.  I think I just spared myself from utter embarrassment and awkwardness for you.  I was about to start this post off with a “staple” image to be funny and tell you that I’m here to talk about food, not office items.  And the fact that I just told you about it is kind of funny because I just can’t seem to save my “good and normal” reputation from the whole world!  Anyway, does normal even exist? I would like to think not. :)

Jenn came up with yet another fun idea for our Wednesday link-ups!  Instead of the usual WIAW, she decided to host a Summer Staples party.


Yesterday I did some massive grocery shopping, as Tuesdays are grocery days, and the items pictured above are just but a few of the foods I got at Whole Foods and Target.  Berries, greek yourt, eggs (not photographed), broccoli, peaches, bananas, and fish seem to be the foods that we eat most consistently as of late—which means that I’ve been having to purchase a lot of those since our fridge quickly gets depleted of those items.

I’m getting back to eating more Tempeh and am pretty excited to make something tasty out of it since I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve!  Taco night, anyone? :D


Late last night I had an untamable desire to bake, and most nights I’m usually itching to make something delicious and healthy for the next day!  I used up some rasbperries to make these gluten free scones with really cool and unique flours; however, they didn’t come out great in my opinion.  And I’m so sad that it somewhat failed!  Or as I prefer to look at it, it didn’t succeed as much as I wanted it to.

The way that I go about deciding whether or not a recipe gets posted on the blog is by doing a mental survey:

  • Would this be profitable if it was displayed in the window of a cafe? 
  • Would it sell quickly and get decent Yelp reviews? 
  • Would people say that it’s good [period]?  Or would they say that it’s good for being healthy, vegan, gluten free….etc.?

Hence, I can only hope to perfect this recipe in the near future, but for now, I will enjoy them as a healthy snack and occasional breakfast—because it tastes alright, but not great. Or!  I can give them to our cats while they gain about 20 pounds.  Just kidding. ;)


Okay, that’s not me in the picture by any means.

I guess all this gluten free talk deserves some explanation, doesn’t it?

I have been sporadically mentioning gluten free foods and recipes lately not only because I’m a bit curious what this is all about, but also because I’m taking my body through a testing process, although the process has been somewhat contaminated by my lack of discipline.  Take this for example.


As I exited Whole Foods I got myself a vegan blueberry muffin, and I honestly think that this was one of the yummiest blueberry muffins I’ve ever had!  It was hearty, light, and perfectly sweet.

Now where was I?  Oh yes, if you recall a few posts regarding my stomach issues, I wrote that some foods tend to make my digestion go haywire and it’s not always easy to pinpoint at the exact ingredient that causes the problem.

One thing I do know is this.  For several years I’ve been getting severe bloating and cramping the most when I consume white flour (sometimes wheat), too much dairy, red meat, and very acidic foods.  Like I said before, it’s not every time that I eat these that I have stomach issues, but most of the time these seem to be the culprits.

All this to say that I’m trying to cut back on wheat, white flour, and red meat.  I don’t eat red meat too often and if I do, it tends to be in social settings.  The recipes on Fit for the Soul will still contain meat and wheat sometimes, but as of now I will be “trying” to consume less of those and get my baking hands dirty in the kitchen. :D  I know that explanations aren’t always necessary, but I thought that it would be nice to share where I’m at with it all.  And besides, there’s nothing better than being held accountable by other health nuts and foodienistas (my word) like yourselves.  I’m thankful that God has blessed me with great health even then, and I can honestly say that I don’t have much to complain about!

Sushi on Fire


The other day Greg and I ate at Sushi on Fire, a well known restaurant in Huntington Beach.  It was my first time trying a rice-less roll!  And it was actually delicious!  Anyway, I always get the rolls for the fish and all the saucy fillings, not the rice.


We walked around the pier as we talked to an elderly man who needed some food.  We’re not sure if his story was legitimate, but all we know is that blessing others regardless of our own opinions is a blessing in itself.

Hope you have an awesome day!  Seize the day y’all.

PS:  Check out the love that my husband left on this post! Awww totally didn’t expect that.  You know when your husband loves you if he takes his time to comment :P  And don’t forget to take a look at the heart rate & calorie monitor giveaway!

Do you have any advice, wisdom, or experience with gluten free stuff?  Do you have any food allergies/issues?

What are your summer staples?

What do you normally do with your “unsuccessful” baked goods?


Ellie <33