Battle of the Yogurts

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Today started rather relaxed as most Saturdays are around our house.  I’m not sure if it’s the heat or because I need to get to bed earlier (although I think I’m better than I used to be), but I woke up feeling pretty tired!  Of course, that’s nothing that a cup o’joe couldn’t fix right away.  More than anything though, I was still on a high of encouragement and excitement from last night’s Friday service which I attended with my parents.  Yup, they’re still going strong in that regard.  It seems as though for now, I just need to keep motivating them and going with them for extra support…Plus, I love that I finally get to worship with them after all these years of waiting and praying! And guess what happened today.  Well, let me backtrack to several weeks ago.  Do you remember my mentioning that I had finally landed an interview about a month ago?  So that interview actually happened.  Ellie did great.  Ellie was excited and came off confident.  Ellie seemed to be approved by the board.  Wait, why am I talking in 3rd person?  I have no idea, but it sounded good.  Ahem, so after following up with them and bugging them patiently calling them about three times, I was told that I would be informed the next day whether or not I was to be hired; however, no such thing ever happened.

Hmmm….by this time, I was naturally confused and started to feel impatient because there was no sign of moving forward whatsoever.  All of the other positions I applied to seemed to lack in response, and lo and behold, when another position of which I had no related degree to had come up, a dear friend of mine told me something along these lines:

“Ellie.  Don’t you ever ever let a degree stop you from what you’re aiming for.  If God wants you to go a certain route, then He will make it happen regardless of what degree and background the world thinks you should have…”

Ever since then, those words have been resonating within my soul.  And ever since then, I’ve been doing my best to apply that principle to every aspect of my life because truly, my job doesn’t depend solely on my skills and successes because eventually God will accomplish His will in me regardless of what I think I can or cannot do.  Soon after that I gained strength and a second wind to apply to a myriad of positions.

Hallelujah because this morning I received a phone call to set up interviews for this coming week!  Smile  One thing I’m sure of is that I’m learning how to be content with little and with much…and with that comes growth of character and faith that everything is going to be just fine.  God is still so good to me no matter what the outcome may be, and He just knows what's best and what it is that I need at the moment.

*Everything’s gonna be alright….whoaa*  Bob Marley anyone?

Tonight I hooked up with Susan because this get-together was a long time coming!  Susan, I forgive you.  Hehe.


We had dinner at Panera bread and I went with the Fuji Apple Salad, which is one of my favorite things to get on their menu.


Susan was craving something more Asian, so Asian Sesame Salad it was!  I think both of us were glad to have gotten a light meal because right next door was a froyo shop called Blizz.  I don’t know, it’s like some force just enticed us to walk in the shop.  We were forced to eat it I tell you.  Winking smile


I tend to shy away from tangy and tart flavors because I just don’t have the taste buds for them.  I’d much rather get my sweet fix with creamy and rich tasting ice cream and yogurt, so I went with the pecan praline, red velvet, crème brulee, and cookies and cream.

Our conversation was all over the place!  We started discussing about how Susan much prefers the frosty type of yogurt like from Yogurtland, whereas I prefer the creamier type like Menchies’.  I bet you a million dollars that the frosty types are much healthier than their opponents, so why do I prefer creamy froyo when I tout about my love for healthy foods?  Probably because the flavors tend to be more concentrated and they actually taste just like their names suggest.  It’s no fun when ice cream and yogurt taste like water, if that makes any sense.


We had such a great time talking about everything from light-hearted to serious matters.  I feel so blessed to have my friends in my life and wouldn’t give them up for anything!  Oh yeah, and I can’t wait for her birthday which is only 3 days away from mine.  Normally I’m not the type to get pumped up about my own birthday, but when it’s someone else’s I’m all over it. Open-mouthed smile

What’s your favorite kind of frozen yogurt?  Creamy or frosty?

Do you and your friends tend to have more light hearted conversations or serious ones?

What patience-growing job situations have you experienced?


Ellie <33