I'm Lovin' It

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Yowza, is it already Tuesday and I’m done with both of my interviews?! As always, you guys never cease to amaze me by your good willed wishes and constant support, and I am so thankful and glad that the interview process is over…for now. Smile


*Phew*  Don’t get me wrong.  I am beyond grateful that I finally got the opportunity to do that, but my stomach is glad to have a rest from those butterflies!  But in actuality, this time around it wasn’t bad at all compared to my former experiences.  My thought is that I’m beginning to love the challenge of an interview in a very formal setting and oddly enough, I believe that blogging and writing has greatly aided me in gaining confidence with word and speech.  Talk about strange but cool!  Anyone else out there with similar experiences like that?  There are so many little things that I’m lovin’ today, hehe.


We’ve been in desperate need of groceries and food in our fridge this week, as it usually tends to be the case towards the very end of the week and beginning of it.  I guess we’ve been eating more food lately, and of course  that’s never a bad thing.  After going back and forth and scouring through the fridge, I decided that pumpkin spice oats would be the best bet if I wanted something delish and filling.  This time around I added egg whites while the oatmeal was cooking and that combo is forever tasty and fluffy.


I think I’m getting pretty good at really improvising my meals because after losing some brain cells over lunch, I threw together a corn tortilla, avocado, bell pepper, hummus, salsa, some greens, and some really good and healthy mashed potatoes that I made last week.  The mashed potatoes are full of flavor and creaminess, but surprisingly they can easily be veganized.


After my interview was over I drove to the gym and performed about 20 minutes of Stepmaster intervals and did a combo of upper body weights and body weight exercises.  The Stepmaster is brutal and always leaves me sweating 10 minutes after the event.


This apple sunflower butter sandwich was going to be my afternoon snack because I always end up craving fresh fruit and nut butters during the day!  Unfortunately I forgot it on the kitchen counter as I literally stormed out of the house to be on time for my interview.

So in order to make up for that because I am currently at Starbucks, I got myself some iced coffee along with nuts+fruit.


There’s a huge grocery haul in store today and then I’m meeting my sisters from church!  Last time we left off in prayer and planned a date nigt to get together at The Boiling Crab.  I’m so excited not only because of the company, but also because I’ve been waiting to check this place out.  All of my friends rave about it while I have no idea what they’re talking about. Smile with tongue out

I hope you seize the day and stay true to yourself!

What snacks do you tend to crave the most?

-Greek yogurt, nut/seed butter, and cupcakes (Yes, cupcakes can be snacks too)

What interesting yet surprising thing have you learned through blogging? (Or reading blogs?)

How do you manage on days when you’re low on groceries?


Ellie <33