A Disney Kind of Birthday

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Disneyland is one of those places that are a true treat and rarity in this household.  Namely, it’s due to the fact that they ask us to sell our organs at a yard sale, and hopefully have enough dollars to even make it to the park.  Smile with tongue out  Oddly enough, Disney has a way into manipulating people to feel a certain love for it, yet inside our hearts we’re still squirming from the price that we had to pay.  Hah!  Well, this time it was a bit different in that regard because it’s been a long time a-coming ever since Greg had asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I always seem to give him a hard time and keep my mouth shut and of course, I gave in and blurted out ‘Disney’ since we’ve both been wanting to go there for a while. 001

To clarify it, in case there is another birthday dinner post or something of that nature, my birthday is actually on October 12.

Before we headed out the door, I made sure that we got properly and deliciously fueled while there since it doesn’t feel too pretty when we feel hunger striking and there are no desirable places to eat at.  Instead of eating a big lunch at Disney, we decided that eating ice cream and a great dinner would be the better way to go.

I packed a Black Forest ham sandwich for him (with add-ons), some corn tortilla with hummus, turkey, greens, avocado, feta, fruit/nuts for me, a Promax Bar for Greg and a Kind Bar for myself.  Kind Bars are so good for energy!




One of these days I’ll be able to open my eyes on camera.

Hooray for the school-year!  Open-mouthed smile  Throughout most of the day we were able to zip by people and ride most of the rides that we like.  It’s pretty interesting to see Disney all Halloween[ed] out, especially the Haunted Mansion.


Here we were relaxing and cruising through Small World.  By the way, is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the Korean characters have been taken out of Small World?!  I was a bit sad about that since they were one of the highlights for me! *Sob*


Greg has always been such a huge pirate fan, and I have to say that he pulls it off smoothly, don’t you think?  We have a Trunk-or-Treat event coming up at church for Halloween night, and he’s thinking about being a pirate and I can be his mate.  Hehe…we shall see about that.


After about 4 hours at the park we started yawning and slowing down.  What better fix than some iced coffee?

Since they were closing down early (6 pm) for a Trick-or-Treat event, we decided to eat dessert before dinner and before we got kicked out. Smile


Come to mama…!!!



Oh yeah, I totally looked like that through most of my childhood.  With an ice cream and piece of candy in my mouth.


After walking around Downtown Disney for a good while, we went to Bubba Gump right around the corner, and very unfortunately, I can’t show you the amazing food we ate there since I forgot to snap a picture.  But you will have to trust me that they have some amazing Cajun rice and shrimp dishes.  Try them when you’re there!  I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Are you fond of Disney?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with them like I do?

Do you tend to go all out with the food there?  Or do you just pack your own food?

-I have to admit, I saw a lady with a big turkey leg and I really wanted one.


Ellie <33