A Review on Swim Spot's Goodies

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A swim suit review during Fall?!  I know I know.  Those were my exact thoughts too, but when the sweet people at SwimSpot offered to send me a swim suit to review (and they truly are very sweet and genuine folks), I just couldn’t say no.  They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Even though Fall is finally here--though not really in California--I figured that one doesn’t necessarily have to wait until the Summer to try on some beachy gear, right? Right.

At least that’s how I convinced myself that it’s not too strange to do a review of this sort.  My thoughts were, “I could just wear these next year and not fret about having to buy another one”.  Open-mouthed smile



The people at SwimSpot pride themselves in selling high quality and well known brands of swimsuits like Ella Moss, Reef, Guess, and Hurley.  I had the opportunity to choose the one that stood out to me the most.  And let me tell you…I am not a swimsuit type of girl!  I tend to be most comfortable in boy shorts and a t-shirt if I get in the water and can be quite picky regarding this topic; however, ever since our honeymoon I have been more open to the possibility of trying different things. Hence, I decided to go with the Rhythm Halter Racerback Sports Bra and the Retro Bikini Bottom by Next

These two adorable floral pieces are thick enough that nothing that’s not supposed to show, doesn’t show. Smile  In addition, I love how they cover a good amount of skin and don’t feel as if they’re sliding off due to the high-quality of fabric.  The design is sporty enough to make one feel ready to run on the beach, yet feminine enough to flatter all body types.

I don’t recommend just anything that comes my way for the sake of advertisement, and I genuinely believe in this product so if you would like to learn more about SwimSpot and their cool gear, be sure to check their website for next summer!  They also have a Next by Athena Facebook page if any of you are actually on that social platform.  Ahem…I myself just made a Fit for the Soul Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, but I’m really not sure what to do with it or how to even use it.  Hah!  The reason why I created that page was to participate in some challenge that required it.  Maybe some of you guys can school me on how to use it.


This morning I made a batch of my favorite protein pancakes using Proventive’s Vegan Powder.  I added a whole egg to it with a TBSP of buckwheat flour which thickens the batter, soy milk, greek yogurt, baking soda, and baking powder.  They were so fluffy and pretty much akin to regular pancakes!  Well, I don’t want to lie as they’re probably not as buttery and rich tasting, but delicious nonetheless.


Today I felt like going the familiar route with my lunch:  baked sweet potato with melted Muenster cheese, turkey, and avocado on top.  A salad with hummus on the side made this meal.  However, I had a “mysterious” stomach ache after eating this with some painful indigestion.  To be honest, almost anything I consume has been giving me stomach issues and I’m on the lookout for some answers God willing.

Before I forget, I want to point out the awesome responses you guys had on the consumption of coffee!  I can tell that a handful of you were very curious as to why I would commit such a heinous act.  Ho ho ho…I have the answer for you but that will have to wait for another blog post!  Smile  I hope you have a blessed day!  Stay cool and stay warm.

Are you used to wearing swimsuits?  What’s your style, if you have a preference?

 What do you think of foods that are re-makes of original versions, like or dislike?  Ie:  healthy pancakes, healthy muffins, healthy burgers, etc.

-I think it all depends on what we like and what goals we have in mind.  If I really want to have a batch of regular buttery pancakes, then I’ll have some.  If I just want something filling, tasty, and filled with protein to repair my muscles, I’ll go with the re-make version.  Typically the re-make versions give me less stomach issues, so I guess it’s a win-win situation!


Ellie <33