I Don't Do Cold Meat

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Lately, I’ve been finding myself cutting down on coffee and caffeine as a whole.   I love my morning coffee ritual, simple as that.  Everything from packing my re-usable K-cups, to using my Keurig Brewer to release those fragrant drops of java liquid into my cup, to doctoring it up with vanilla soymilk and taking that first irresistible sip.  I think I hear some ahhhhs out there, or maybe that’s just my inner senses stirring up at the thought of the whole ritual. Needless to say, I have been missing coffee and it’s only been 6 days since I’ve decided to cut down.  Honestly speaking, I am one of those people who need consistent baby steps in order to adopt a particular habit, rather than go cold turkey and eventually give up.


In order to follow this new way of living, I have been sneaking in a cup of Samurai Chai Mate tea from Teavana in the mornings.  Some days I decide to have a cup of coffee late in the afternoon, and some days I can muster up the willpower to substitute my afternoon coffee with tea.  Either way, I know that I’m taking a rational approach towards minimizing my consumption of caffeine, because although it would be nice to go  completely without it, I feel okay about having one serving of coffee a day—as opposed to 2 or 3. Smile


Yesterday’s breakfast included a brew of Samurai Chai Mate and two buckwheat berry waffles from Nature’s Path.  I truly love this brand because they always seem to have an eclectic variety of flour bases!  Also, the consistency of their waffles is always thick and hearty.


I tried Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter for the first time by drizzling it on the waffles, alongside some fresh fruit, greek yogurt, chia seeds, cinnamon and pecans.  It’s been a while since I’ve had this kind of breakfast so I really enjoyed it.


Since my parents were moving yesterday, Greg and I headed over to their place to lend a hand, although there wasn’t much we could do since the movers did all the heavy duty work.  Well, either way my metabolism was on high-gear or I worked too hard early in the day, because I sure was starving by 12:00!  When I get hungry, I actually get faint and chills all around my body.  In order to refuel I had a Clif Mojo bar which helped for the time being.

After we were done and ready to eat lunch, we went to the Korean market right by their new apartment!  I am so thrilled for my mom because she just started driving and it goes without saying that she doesn’t have her own car.  Even though they’re at work together all day long, there are days when my dad can’t be around to take her places, like the grocery store.  Now, that won’t be a problem anymore!  I don’t know why, but that kind of stuff makes me excited because I want the best for my parents…Open-mouthed smile

I promise you that I didn’t eat carbs and nuts all day long! Haha.  I actually ordered a spicy Koreanized salad at the store and had a huge Chicken Cobb with Avocado salad for dinner since we met up with some people regarding important subject matters.  Sometimes, important subject matters means that I forget to photograph my eats.  But I’m totally cool with that.


Last night I knew that I’d be wanting cold food for today’s breakfast, so I broke into my GF oats and mixed it up with mashed banana, carob powder, chia seeds, soy milk, greek yogurt, and once again added Justin’s Vanilla AB with some Panda Puffs this morning.  Those are kind of addicting by the way. Oh yeah!  And I just had to buy those blueberries from Whole Foods simply because they’re from Argentina.  Hehehe, what can I say?   I’m still proud of my homeland.

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Thank you Jen!  I’ve missed WIAWs.

Cardio Routine

This week I am trying to take my cardio workouts up a notch by being more consistent with them.  I believe that there’s something about a good cardio session that kind of loosens my body up.  But then again, I say that about every other kind of workout.  Smile with tongue out

I warmed up on the elliptical for 20 minutes as I performed intervals: 3 minutes of crossramp 8+resistance 6, 1 solid minute of resistance 18, 3 minutes of resistance 7, and kept going up with the resistance.

Then, I hopped on the treadmill to run for about 15 minutes and ended it with some weights.

Have you ever tried to cut down on coffee?  What was your method?

What’s your favorite breakfast as of late?

Do you take the slow or fast approach of quitting habits?


Ellie <33