Let the Bridal Shower[s] Begin

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You’ve probably heard it said that as you hit the early to mid-20’s, it is very likely that you’ll be going to bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers more and more often as the months go by. In my opinion?  I think it’s true because after (ahem) I started the engagement and wedding fever, two of my friends have gotten engaged!  Ahhhh it is so exciting and kind of hard to swallow!  I mean, we don’t necessarily feel old because on the contrary, we feel young and vivacious…But the truth of the matter is, we have all grown up and it’s bound to happen to most people.    Laissez les bon temps rouler, right?


Today marked the day of Sujin’s bridal shower.  Sujin is easily one of the sweetest, most giving, and most caring people I have ever known.  If I could give her the “Kindest-Person-Ever” award, I would.


I could tell that despite her excitement for her upcoming wedding, which is in a month, she’s also going into this chapter of her life with a realistic and mature perspective.  I am so proud of her for that! My friends, that kind of attitude is the best one to adopt before getting married, in my humble opinion. Smile


We had quite the luxurious array of food!  That was all thanks to one of Sujin’s bridesmaids who’s a chef at a well known restaurant around LA.


The chunky pieces of Muenster cheese paired with crackers and blueberry jelly were to die for, and aside from getting my sweet tooth fix with that red velvet cupcake, I was beyond delighted to devour the smoked salmon and cream cheese hors d’ouvres.  Oh and hummus was there too, mmmm…

And what’s a bridal shower without fun games, right?

We played two so-hilarious-that-I-Have-to-hold-my-belly type of games:  the first one consisted of all the ladies writing one fun memory we had with Sujin.  The second one was a much more risque activity because we were all required to bring our craziest looking bras to the party.  Then, the bridesmaids asked the ones who forgot to bring a bra to don the ones that the rest of us brought.  The goal of it was for Sujin to guess whom it belonged to, and seeing the awkward looks on the participants’ faces was probably the best part.  Teehee.

Moral of the story:  Don’t forget to bring a bra when someone asks you to.

For the first game I wrote:  Sujin, I remember how we both struggled through Math class together.  And if you hadn’t introduced me to the CCC club (Campus Crusade for Christ) at that time, I would not have met the love of my life!  And without hesitation she guessed my name.  If you happen to be curious about our dating story you may read it here.


Have you ever tried the EOS lip balms?  Today was my first time using this cute EOS ball since we got it as a party favor, and now I know what the hype is all about!  It moisturizes my lips really nicely.  I believe I got the Strawberry Sorbet kind, and it reminds me of the lip balms I used to eat wear when I was a kid.  So far it's doing a great job on my chapped lips!

What’s a highlight of your weekend?

Have you noticed a “wave” of people in your life getting married?

What are your favorite bridal shower games?


Ellie <33