Rundown of Eats, Plus Run Your Heart Out

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It seems as if this week has passed within the blink of an eye, especially since I had to catch up on so many things after coming back from Kansas.  Thankfully there’s always food that’s worth posting about and workouts to share with you.  Yeah, I always have something up my sleeeeve. Smile 1)  On the same day of our date night we had some business to take care of in the Rowland Heights area, so we decided to stick around the city of La Puente which is next door to RH.  I mean, how could we not after the enticing Yelp reviews of Crazy Rock’n Sushi?  This place is pretty legitimate when it comes to the freshness of the raw fish.  Their dishes are extremely affordable and the staff couldn’t be any more attentive to the customers.  Another big plus is that their spicy dishes actually have the perfect amount of kick in them!


We ordered their jalapeno poppers as the appetizers because we’re well aware that one roll usually doesn’t satisfy our hunger.


Greg ordered a spicy tuna type of roll.


Although I’m not normally a California Roll fan since I much prefer real fish inside and out, I just had to order this salmon and avocado sushi because salmon is one of my all-time favorite fish.  Their presentation is pretty good if you ask me, and that’s always a fun bonus to any food.  Pretty food=more fun. Open-mouthed smile  On the other side of the plate there were lemon slices and with those squeezed on top of the rolls, my dish tasted heavenly.

2)  Look at us, look at us, we’re making fools of ourselves!  Thankfully no cars came our way or that would have been embarrassing.   I truly commended Greg for allowing his picture to be taken, and he’s smiling too!  Hehehe.


3)  Did you know that the combo of marinated chickpea salad from Trader Joe’s with greens, hummus, avocado, and feta cheese tastes fantastic?  Neither did I, until yesterday.


4)  I made some seafood enchiladas last night and I was more than surprised by how well they turned out.  I paired them up with my Best-Ever-Guacamole.  Don’t you love it when recipe success happens?  I’ll be sharing this enchilada recipe soon, so that you guys can join me in seafood overload as I’ve eaten fish every single day this week.  I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or not.


5)  I’m putting myself in real danger by showing you this picture, but I just couldn’t resist!  Awww this picture of our “big boned” cat Orion and his daddy makes me melt.  Oh by the way, the aforementioned enchiladas may be on the healthier side, but they must have been tasty and comforting enough to put Greg to sleep.


6)  Okay everyone.  Don’t blame me if you become addicted to buckwheat pancakes drizzled with blueberry coconut cream up on top.  This breakfast was a huge hit (in my mind) this morning, and I roughly followed this pancake recipe from decades ago, but instead of flax seeds I just added a whole egg.  For the blueberry coconut cream I just mixed Trader Joe’s highly addictive canned coconut cream with some natural blueberry preserves.  It was almost like eating a super gourmet sauce melting on hot pancakes!


7)  Yesterday’s workout was beyond amazing, and uhhhh my lungs were crying at one point.  I just love that adrenaline rush of exercising even if I’m at the brink of pulling a Hulk on everyone around me.  You know, when you start to feel like jumping all around the gym and growling from the soreness while throwing fitness balls everywhere?  I don’t know.  I’m just strange like that and I’m fortunate you even come back to say ‘hi’ to me. Smile

Run Your Heart Out Intervals

Before starting any kind of exercise, it is essential to warm up the muscles by a brisk walk, the elliptical, or some light jumping around.  It’s always wise to follow your own level of fitness and work your way up.  That way, you can succeed and not get discouraged!  I’m a firm believer that a friendly competition with myself can be healthy if I want to become stronger and build more endurance.

  • Walk on the treadmill at speed 3.5+ incline 10.0 (Approximately 3-4 minutes)
  • Jog at speed 6.0+ incline 4.0 (7 minutes)
  • Sprint at speed 9.0+ incline 3.5 (1 minute)
  • Jog at speed 6.5+ incline 4.0 (7 minutes)
  • Sprint at speed 9.0+ incline 3.5 (1 minute)

I repeated this type of increment until I got to speed 7.5, and then worked my way back down until I completed the duration of 30 minutes.

8)  Word.  I love how true this is, and it seems like the older I get, the more I find myself learning this truth every single day.



I hope you have a blessed day!  Carpe diem.

Are you a believer of interval training and the benefits that it boasts about?

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?

Share something fun and smile-worthy about your week!  It can be anything from an event to an attitude.


Ellie <33