Heaven in a Box

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Normally it’s pleasurable for me to stand in the kitchen for hours on end, while stirring boiling stew or watching anything that’s been baking in the oven till my eyes fall out.  Nowadays however?  Nah.  That’s most definitely not the case since I’ve been eating out for at least 1/3 of the week.  Sometimes I get a small meal like a salad or a bowl of soup, and other times I can go nuts when I’m out with my friends. I blame it on them.  Because they were the ones who took me out to eat and “sin” in such a manner.  Smile


Jennifer and Emily have been wanting to treat me and IT out for quite a while now, and I foresee a lot of spoiling going on with IT in the future since I’m already feeling so much love from those around me.  That or they want to make me gain 60 lbs.


Once again, I suggested that we eat at Kentro Greek Kitchen in Fullerton.  This is one of those rare places where just the mere thought of delicious, fresh food will easily make my mouth water.  It’s also rare that I still love it since all I can taste nowadays is some strange, bitter taste in my mouth.  Not only did I love the décor and the friendly staff working at Kentro the first time I was introduced to it, but the lemony potatoes and variety of meats keep me coming back for more!

Jennifer ordered their lamb pita with herbed fries on the side.  Let me tell you, these fries are truly worth breaking your weight loss resolutions because they’re almost just as good as In-N-Out’s fries!  I guess you’ll only know what I’m talking about if you’ve had the privilege of trying Animal Style fries.  Hehe.


I actually love lamb meat and as of now, most meats sit well with my stomach.  However, despite the okay taste of Emily’s lamb flat bread, it didn’t necessarily wow my taste buds.  It was tasty, but it wasn’t anything to write home about because none of the flavors stood out in particular.  Everything kind of…blended in, but without a distinctive “kick”, if you will.  Whenever I eat out, I love to have that one flavor that just completes the dish.


Instead of the Manouri I went with their Kotopoulo Sto Forno, which is a perfectly roasted chicken served with the most delicious lemon potatoes ever!  If you like tangy and herby food, then you’ll most definitely love these potatoes.


Now, it’s always super hard for us to go on our separate ways.  We just hate calling it a night so early in the evening, so the girls took me to their favorite dessert “lounge” in Westminster—a Taiwanese café/lounge where they serve one of the best sweet flavored teas I’ve ever had!  Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s ever had good fruity tea if they haven’t been here.


Terrible lighting.  This place is super dark!

Although I like my tea drinks hot and unsweetened, I think that I’ve changed my mind for now.  Emily’s TGIF drink was perfectly sweet with little pieces of what seemed to be lychee cubes.  On top of that, there were tiny basil seeds and pieces of fruit that made this sweet iced tea truly outstanding.  Mmmmmm!  Okay now I really want a whole glass to myself.


We also got their Paris in a Box dessert, or should I say, Heaven in a Box.  It’s basically a fancier and bigger version of a Brick Toast, which is a popular dish found in Taiwanese restaurants.   Although the bread was basically made up of white flour, I didn’t end up getting a stomach ache!  (That’s a whole different topic, but since I’ve been pregnant bread hasn’t been bothering me as much.  Weird.)

Don’t be fooled by this huge block of bread because the inside was hollowed out and filled with buttery, crunchy bread cubes.  As you can see on the top, it was smeared with custard, ice cream, and decorated with fresh fruit.  It was extravagant!   Oh yes…but among the three of us it wasn’t too hard to devour. Open-mouthed smile


But don’t worry.  That’s not all I’ve been eating.  IMG_0040

Since I’m being picky with breakfast all I’ve been eating is toast, fruit (particularly oranges), and Coco’s microwaved protein cake.  This stuff is the only thing that tastes good in the morning!  God bless her heart or I’d probably be skipping breakfast.  I guess it’s the food of the gods pregnant women.  By the way, Coco recently gave birth to her beautiful and adorable daughter!  I feel like I’m learning so much from Coco through her journey as a new momma.


Although it used to be common belief that exercising while pregnant is extremely dangerous and bad for mom and baby, that old myth has finally been thrown out the window.  Now of course, if there are complications then it’s best to follow the doctor’s advice regarding working out, as some women are advised to stop exercising.

Consistent and moderate exercise is so good for both mom and baby that it is highly recommended that one walk daily and even perform strength training exercises depending on the mom’s fitness level.  I’m so glad that I’m still allowed to move around and do the things I love, or else I think that pregnancy would be much harder for me psychologically.  Hey, even the nausea goes away whenever I exercise! Winking smile  Double brownie points for that.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Elliptical intervals:  5 minutes incline 8+resistance 5, 5 minutes resistance 20, 5 minutes resistance 8, 5 minutes resistance 20, 5 minutes resistance 11, and all the way up to 18.  This kind of interval really makes me break a sweat.
  • Walking:  Outside or on the treadmill at high inclines.
  • Strength training:  Usually 7.5, 10, or 12.5 lb dumbbells.
  • Circuit training:  Some weights and mostly bodyweight exercises like burpee pushups, deadlifts, plie squats, tricep pushups, etc.

I hope you have a blessed day, and remember that you are very much loved!  Open-mouthed smile

What interesting desserts have you tried lately?  Have you ever had Brick Toast?

Do you think you’d be working out if you were to become pregnant? (women only, haha)


Ellie <33