My Whole World's About to Change

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!  Ahem, let me try that again.  Well hellloooooooooooooo there my dearest loveliest friends! I guess it’s not hard to tell that I’m really excited to be back to blogging again, is it?  As you can clearly see, I haven’t been gone on a “break” per se, but more like a whole week’s worth of unintended lack of update on my vida loca.

Basically, life just…happened.  Basically, life just got a wee bit on the crazy side.  Basically, I am pregnant.  Smile


Oh my goodness!  It’s crazy news isn’t it?!

Greg and I had our suspicions about a little cell going around the nether parts of my womb right before my birthday!  But really, we thought that my missing period and strange period-like symptoms were just a “coincidence” since I tend to have an irregular cycle.  I got a check-up at the doctor’s office the day after our trip to Disneyland (and yes, I did go on roller coasters since I thought it was just a false alarm), and sure enough, she came back to the room with a loud and cheerful “Well congratulations Ellie!”.

Yeah.  It happened that fast.  Open-mouthed smile  Ever since we received the good news, we have been trying to swallow the truth of what’s really going on.  My body’s constantly bloated, tired, and feeling somewhat morning sick!  And get this—I have a lot of food aversions!  Now, that’s a foodie’s true nightmare in my opinion.   You guys know how much I love my nut butters, vegetables, coffee, and all that good stuff.  Well, sometimes I cringe at the thought of them, but once I put them in my mouth I feel alright.  More than anything, I’m simply craving the foods that don’t induce any toilet-friendly thoughts, and those come in the form of protein.  Other than that (and Chipotle and Pho and spicy/salty foods), I don’t crave much of anything.  But we’ll see about that, since the 2nd trimester is when the woman’s appetite is rekindled.

So guys, this is why I was trying to cut down on coffee; strangely enough, I hate coffee at the moment and the mere smell of it gives my stomach a roller coaster of sensations.  At least it’s not hard to cut down on coffee consumption anymore!  Hehe.

As much as we know that this is already a tough journey, and it will only become more challenging in many aspects as the months and years go by, this child is a true gift from God.  Despite the fact that there are a myriad of things up in the air at the moment, we know that God provided us with IT to enjoy IT and give life to IT .  I guess for now we’ll call him/her "IT”.  Smile with tongue out

And one last thing before I check out…

It seems as though the blog world, as well as life in general, goes through surges of engagements, weddings, and child-bearing experiences.  Not long ago we were getting married and off to Kauai, and now after reading all these wonderful blogs regarding pregnancies, I am pregnant.  Be careful out there!

Just kidding.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

If you’ve experienced pregnancy, did you have food aversions or uncontrollable cravings?

Would you want to have children in the future?


Ellie <33