Out of the Norm

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Everything has been out of the norm lately, which means at least 80% less home cooked meals and baked treats as opposed to the usual 95% of homemade stuff! I am however, happy to report that I was able to make Tina’s apple crisp for a Filipino conference that my husband got to speak for.


What does a conference have to do with apple crisps?  Well, you might recall that I mentioned several times the fact that my Filipino brothas and sistas truly know how to feast.  Find yourself a good Filipino friend or buddy and you will never find yourself hungry again. Winking smile  I’m being serious though when I say that I was extremely happy to be able to make something out of scratch this past weekend!  It was easy, not to smelly, and fun.

God has also gifted me with a part-time job in the clerical field since any previous job ideas have drastically changed after the baby news.  Although it’s not exactly bringing in a substantial amount of finances at the moment, I’m excited to see how God will provide through it all.  Plus, I am really thankful for being able to finally contribute financially as I deem myself to be a “worker” at heart.  I think I’ve always liked working better than just studying, or not working at all, hehe.


Plenty of books and articles state that one of the pregnant woman’s woes is her lack of digestion, some added heartburn which I don’t think I’ve experienced as of yet, and bloatedness.  Okay so feeling bloated and indigested isn’t a surprise coming from me, but unfortunately all of those symptoms are tripling in intensity as the weeks pass by.  Every morning I open my eyes and before any nausea hits me, I nibble on a saltine cracker before I jump out of bed.


Even the way I spend my time has changed.  Granted, I am now a lot more flexible with myself and actually allow myself to take naps through the day if my body demands it, but I’m also trying to get outdoors more than usual despite of driving through LA traffic and whatnot.  Last week I enjoyed a really refreshing hike up the Griffith Trails all by myself, but secretly I always love to call these walks my “date with Jesus”. Smile

9.5 weeks ultra

And guess what!  Greg and I had our first visit with our OB Gyn last Tuesday and I couldn’t be any happier to have found this doctor!  She was so humorous, understanding, gentle, and comforting to be around….and trust me, you need those qualities in your doctor when you know you’ll be seeing them for the next 7 months, and ummm they will be very familiar with your privates and the baby once it’s born.  I'm very shy about that kind of stuff, so someone like her is the perfect match in my opinion.  IT was at about 9.5 weeks, and the most beautiful thing that made our hearts go aflutter were the fast heart flickers of the baby!  Ahhhhh it was soooooo weird!  It was also really cute seeing how its arm and leg buds flutter around as if it were trying to fly away.  Haha.

Oh yeah, another random fact?  My mom had a dream before we got pregnant that a tiger jumped at her, and in Korean culture that means that a new baby boy will be born.  And yet again, someone from our church told me the other day that I was having a son because of his dream.  Hah!  We shall see about that.

And of course, unless there is any sort of danger or great precaution that I have to take I probably won’t stop exercising.  There are obvious reasons like staying in shape of course, but other important ones include:

  • exercise helps me feel better when I have indigestion and nausea
  • provides my body with energy and a sense of lightness
  • aids in preventing gestational diabetes
  • good for my pelvic muscles (and other essential muscles) for pushing, come the time for the delivery
  • it helps the mom recover faster after giving birth
  • it’s good for the child!

So here’s a circuit workout that I came up with last week.


It was really hard but fun to do this one!  It’s effective and efficient because minimal weights are required and there isn’t too much jumping around.  I really felt it on my chest, arms, core, back, and shoulders the next day due to the hindu pushups.  As a matter of fact, I still feel the effects today—after 4 days.

The last thing I want to mention is that I have a new role model, and that is Lindsay from Lindsay’s List.  This woman of God is just amazing!  The inspiring attitude and peace that she exudes due to her love for God, along with her bouncing back from a really difficult pregnancy journey, she has made her way into my heart and I’d like to give her a big shout-out.  Make sure to drop by her blog to give her some encouragement as well!

Have a blessed day everyone.


Ellie <33