Picky Eating

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Ever since I went on to week 3 of my recently discovered pregnancy, I’ve been the pickiest with my food than ever before in my entire life.  Actually, I don’t recall ever being picky aside from the fact that I’d rather eat healthier foods more than non-healthy ones.  Let me tell you…Once pregnancy hits you don’t know just what will come over you!  I mentioned the other day that even foods like peanut butter turn me off from time to time, and sometimes the smell of coffee induces unwanted sensations in the pit of my stomach.  In order to remedy for my aversion of most foods including the nutritious kinds, I’ve been tricking my body into compromise. Smile IMG_0029

This is what my breakfast meals typically look like as of late.  There are mornings when I’ll be okay with a bowl of oatmeal so I’ll go with that.  And even though PB isn’t my favorite food right now, I’ll add it onto a hearty bowl of yogurt just because I wish I still liked it.  Yeah, I guess I was PB obsessed.  Haha.  It is strange though!  I’m not one to normally eat toast in the morning, but now I slather it with some good old butter and apricot jam.  So simple but delicious, mmmm!


Luckily, some things haven’t changed; for example, I’m still loving soup in all forms and sizes!  Despite the fact that avocado has lost its appeal according to my taste buds, I try to sneak it in there once in a while.


This is a really random one!  I’m not experiencing many cravings since I’m only halfway through the 1st trimester, but oddly enough I’m loving boiled eggs dipped in ketchup and mustard!  Yesssss.  At least my hankering for mustard has remained.  Alas, I guess you can say that I’m still somewhat my old normal self.


There are countless of books and articles that demand suggest pregnant mommies to stay away from raw fish and if possible to only eat it about 1-2 times per week.  However, since fish is the one thing that doesn’t turn me off, I kind of wanted it for dinner last night.  Okay, I really wanted it so Greg and I decided to go to Casa Arigato for our date night.  Now before you crucify me for my meal choice contradicting the pregnancy books’ suggestions, I’ll first let you know that I had cooked fish.  Well, more like shrimp really.



After getting our delicious complimentary bowls of miso soup we ordered their Jumbo Shrimp Dumplings.  They may not look like much, but boy were they super tasty and fresh!  Even Greg agreed that it felt clean and full of flavor.



Soon after the awesome server (and so cute and sweet, I have to add) brought me the Tiger Roll.


Greg devoured his beautiful Rainbow Roll dish.  Ahhhh it was torture watching him eat it!  Being the considerate husband that he is, he initially asked me if I would be “stumbled” if he ate raw fish.  Of course I was okay with it, but when he got too full and didn’t want to eat his last piece….Oh man, I almost about stuck my chopsticks in there and imagined myself eating it.  Teehee.  We’re definitely looking forward to re-visiting Casa Arigato in the near future.  After all, it’s one of the very few good sushi places in the South Bay area.  Say what?  You’d think that if you life really close to the ocean you’re guaranteed to have fabulous fish…?  Or maybe not?  Ah, maybe it’s one of life’s funny oxymoron

To end the night  we walked along the Redondo Beach Pier.  The night was gorgeous and the temperature was perfect!  So much so that I almost didn’t need a jacket.  If there’s one thing that I’m learning through this pregnancy it’s the fact that despite how I feel physically and mentally, I still need to give my all to all the relationships in my life.  Ironically when it comes to marriage I still have to be just as intentional with my husband as I was at the very beginning of our journey.  If anything, I find myself being even more intentional in keeping date nights going and just having fun even when I am feeling bloated, tired, and nauseated!  And through anything that life may throw at us we’re learning to appreciate each other even more; he appreciates me for carrying a creature in my belly, and I appreciate him for being patient and loving.  Hah!

So I encourage you to keep those things in mind for your future spouse and pregnancies.  Never stop being proactive in your relationships because that shows that you care for each other, and that’s the most important thing after all. Open-mouthed smile

Are you normally a picky eater?


Ellie <33