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IMG_0081 Whether you’re pregnant or not eating a balanced diet is so important for your health!  I think we’d all agree on that one, right?

But the question is, “what exactly is a balanced diet?  Does it require one to eat 5 lbs. of veggies a day, or does it require eating clean low-fat foods?  Or does it mean that I have to eat meat only twice a week?”  There is just so much information out there and so many opinions that sometimes it makes us go, “ahhhhhh!”  and pull out some precious hair while we’re at it.  In my honest and humble opinion, a balanced diet requires everything that we know to be healthy as well as everything we like, whether it’s deemed to be healthy or not!  But in moderation.

That food pictured above has been my go-to breakfast every single morning for almost 2 weeks straight.  I think that’s a rather balanced breakfast because it contains lots of Vitamin C, protein, calcium, and carbs.  However, the biggest reason that I just can’t seem to change things up even if my mind once told me to do so, is that my pregnant taste buds and stomach can’t handle anything else.  This is what I like and I’ve finally come to be okay with that!

What I’m trying to get at here is that finding what we like instead of what we think we should like is far more beneficial for our bodies as well as our sanity, because heaven knows that pre-pregnancy I still had some reservations thinking that I should only eat sweet breakfasts instead of savory ones.  Although sweet was what I always craved in the morning, I think there still was a strange lingering fear that my health would go into a downward spiral if I allowed myself to break out of “my norm”.   I’m guessing that quite a few of you guys have had fears of changing up your food because of eating disorders you’ve had in the past!  And I’m sure that Amanda would totally understand me on this topic as she’s become quite the expert through her thought-provoking posts. Winking smile

In some cool ways, it seems like pregnancy has been helping me be less conscious about myself and my own preoccupations, and instead I’m more concerned about the things that are good for the baby.  Instead of working out just for the sake of staying healthy and in shape, my mind is slowly transforming into realizing that I am now exercising for the baby’s health as well.  And instead of eating a very clean diet, I prefer to whip up healthy meals in unconventional ways and eat In-N-Out if I really feel like it.   Oh yeah baby, I had some In-N-Out fries last night and loved it!  Open-mouthed smile  I’m also loving Dreyer’s Neopolitan ice cream and I don’t even like chocolate ice cream!  Pregnancy does weird things I tell ya.  All in all, my heart is realizing that every single decision I make whether it’s big or small, it will affect the baby in one form or another.

I believe God has been using this experience to remind me that this life really isn’t about me, all while taking away fears of my own health and even possible weight gain (a big worry for many pregnant women), because it’s bound to happen to most of us.  And whether I (we) like it or not, it is reality.  I’m truly thankful for this opportunity that God has given me to care and love for someone in an AGAPE way, which means, in the closest way possible to God’s unconditional love.  Although this process has started long ago with people like Greg, it’s another opportunity to grow in the love department. Smile

And now! I want to show you the things I’ve been loving lately and even though they’re yawn-inducing to many people, I think they’re so delicious!



Since I’ve only tried eggnog once and loved the flavor while I really disliked the weird eggy and ultra sweet quality to it, I went ahead and got something better!  Silk’s Seasonal Nog is to die for.  It has the perfect hint of sweetness and a rather eggnoggy taste, without the texture.  I love adding a splash of it in my occasional morning tea.  Only about three times a week though, since a lot of caffeine is not recommended for pregnant women.



The other day I was browsing through the grocery store and found this amazing cheddar jalapeno dip!  It’s made out of Greek Yogurt but it has some cheese and real bits of jalapeno, and when it’s paired with corn tortilla chips it tastes like real nacho cheese, just not as salty.


For lunch I’ve been eating this combo every single day.  The saltiness from the soy sauce and Sriracha along with some crunchy vegetables makes this meal one of the few that I like at the moment.  See?  It is possible to eat healthy food in a fun way, but you just have to find out what you like, not what others say that you should like.  Some people prefer roasted veggies while others love them drenched in a creamy sauce.  Whatever it is, remember that moderation with everything is key.  And hey, if moderation went out the window a long time ago then just forgive yourself and move on. Smile

Have a super wonderful and blessed day everyone!

If you plan to be pregnant someday, do you think you think fear of weight gain will cross your mind?

-Sometimes negative thoughts can come our way even if we're healed, but we just have to reject them and cleanse our minds!

In what ways do you think pregnancy or having a child will change you?

How do you eat in moderation?  Favorite indulgences at the moment?


Ellie <33