2nd Trimester Cravings {Week 16-17}

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Whoa, I can’t believe it’s already the 2nd week of 2013!  Did last week just disappear or what? In case you’re curious to know how I’ve been faring and surviving my pregnancy for the past two weeks (I just turned 17 weeks yesterday), here’s a quick snapshot.




Yes, oatmeal made a comeback with a bang!  Woowhoo!  Haha I’m kind of excited about this meal because as you may recall, oatmeal wasn’t jiving with my taste buds one bit.  On top of that food aversion, I just did NOT like peanut butter or any kind of nut or seed butter that entered my mouth, that is until last week…

The way it happened was rather strange, as one morning I suddenly thought how delicious peanut butter would be for breakfast—just like that.  This bowl of overnight oats contained cocoa powder, blueberries, mashed banana, cottage cheese and milk.  Due to my persistent case of constipation I’ve been eating one Metamucil fiber wafer every morning, and believe it or not I love its taste because it’s just like a heartier Teddy Graham, so I decided to go ahead and crumble it on top of the oats.  Winking smile On the side I eat fresh fruit every morning.



As you can see I’m enjoying sweet breakfasts once again, like these bagel thins topped with peanut butter, Nutella, cottage cheese or sometimes yogurt, cinnamon, and fruit.

This kind of a meal is a pretty big change from wanting savory food every morning.  I try to switch it up now because I find myself eating mostly savory foods throughout the day, and too much sodium makes me want to drink a ton of water at night!  The other downside to too much salt intake is that it raises the mom’s blood pressure, so I’m trying to be careful and monitor that somewhat carefully.  Occasionally I drink tea with soy or regular milk if I really can’t wake myself up.




Half eaten salad—oops, forgot to snap a shot pre-meal

Fortunately I have no problem getting in meat and vegetables in my diet.  In some ways it feels like I’m craving all the right nutrients which I’m thankful for!  Oh yeah, and we can’t forget about the ice cream every now and then. Smile with tongue out

These two dishes are my absolute favorite every time lunch rolls around.  The first one is a mixture of bok choy, bell peppers, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, water and sesame oil.  Sometimes I throw in eggs or some kind of meat, but since I eat meat at least once or twice a day now, when I eat huge salads I like to substitute the meat with Boca burgers.  Many people seem to hate the taste of Boca burgers but I think they’re really yummy and probably the ones with the least faux meat quality to them!  Do you have a favorite vegetarian patty?

By the way, before I check out I want to quickly mention that I finally tried the Ballet Body Upper Body DVD.  The verdict so far?  I genuinely, absolutely loved everything about it!  All I can say for now is that after 2 days of having used it I still feel sore in weird places and I feel a different kind of “strength”, if you will.  But I’ll be giving you my detailed thoughts on the DVDs after I’ve done them at least twice, which is probably early next week.

Greg and I are thinking of going on a date day today as it is a day off for the both of us. Whoa that was a lot of “days” in one sentence!  I don’t think my high school teacher would be proud to see that, haha.

We’re both kind of “fly by the seat of your pants” type of people, so I guess we’ll talk about our plans and go from there—probably something like hiking or visiting the Getty?  Any suggestions for those who live in the vicinity of Los Angeles?


Have a super blessed day!

Do you crave more savory or sweet throughout the day?

-Usually it’s a good 50/50 for me, but now I mostly want savory, spicy, and tangy.

What are your favorite date activities with your significant other?


Ellie <33