A New Program with Leah Sarago

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Throughout this pregnancy I’m finding it easier to incorporate cardio in the form of the Stepmill—a cardio machine that I absolutely ADORE for various types of reasons, but that’s for another post. Although my love for strength training and bodyweight circuits hasn’t left me yet, I find it easier to just go with the flow and incorporate whatever my body craves on a given day.  Instead of strictly wanting to stick to the elliptical (which I find quite boring most of the time although sometimes I do crave it), I go to the gym with an open mindset.  When I get inside the gym and scout out for what looks fun and appealing at the time, I go ahead and make a plan right there and then.  I figure that doing what my body craves at the time really helps me stay motivated to keep pursuing fitness during pregnancy.  Again, what works for me may not work for somebody else, but that’s how I like to roll! Winking smile

And since I am a pretty random person and way too unstructured for my own good (I prefer to call it ‘flexible’), I like to try different things all at once.  Hey, variety makes life more fun!  You know, VIVA LA VIDA LOCA as Ricky Martin says


Thus, as soon as I started to miss Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body downloads which I had downloaded in my old deceased computer, I went ahead and reconnected myself with her website once again.  That’s when I had the sudden urge to try out her DVDs!  Smile   Fortunately, I found it at the right time because all 3 DVDs would usually cost close to $50, but with the holiday deal that she’s promoting right now it cost me approximately $30.

If you want to give them a try make sure you do so quickly because her deal is still on!  The promo code is holiday.

I find miss Sarago to be really inspiring--I mean, just look at this gal!  She looks glowy, healthy, and ultra fit!  She’s best known for her ballet/pilates/yoga/barre inspired routines, and although her workouts look easy peasy, one should NOT judge her exercises just by the looks of them because they are deceivingly tough.  They tend to leave you really sweaty and refreshed, yet trembling and surprisingly sore the next day.

Leah transformed her own body from a bulkier build due to working out at a regular gym, to a long and elongated build through her magical methods.  She basically shaped her own muscles into what she wanted, which is the defined dancer type of body shape.  That’s pretty much what I’ve been craving for lately because as I slowly see the changes in my pregnant body, I feel like I wouldn’t mind shaping it into something closer to Leah’s so that I’ll bounce back in no time. Open-mouthed smile

Another reason that I want to try the Ballet Body DVDs is that I’m in dire need of switching my fitness intensity throughout the week.  I don’t think it’s wise to solely perform high impact workouts, so something more mellow yet just as intense sounds really good right about now.

Today will be my first day trying out her DVD program and I am so excited!  I’ll be starting out with the Upper Body routine and will do the Lower Body tomorrow.  I’m not positive how often I’ll do the Core DVD since I don’t know how safe it will be for my stomach, but I’ll definitely update you guys on that one after I take a close look at it.  Hopefully I’ll stick to Ballet Body for a long time as I alternate going to the gym, which I’m sure won’t be too much of a problem.  I’ll keep you guys updated on how it all works out in case you want to join me in this journey!

I wrote about Leah’s downloads in a few blog posts in the past, and you can find them in my Exercise Tips page under ‘Tips and Motivation’.

Are there any DVDs or routines that you absolutely love?

Would you give Leah Sarago’s workouts a try?

Do you tend to be flexible or really strict with your workout regimens?

-I make sure to get a workout in at least 4 times a week, but I definitely have a harder time sticking to just ONE thing.


Ellie <33