How to Eat Like the Angelenos

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Hi there dear friends!  I hope your Wednesday has been fruitful, and that despite any bumps on the road you were able to stop and smell the roses. Mmmm…Roses I did not smell today, but I did go to a beautiful and relaxing place yesterday with Greg! Smile  It included a gorgeous little garden at the Getty Museum. DSC05618

I mentioned last time that we would be going out on Monday to have our date-day, but we decided to do some work that day and dedicated Tuesday to be ‘our time’ instead.



Out of the 3 hours that we spent there, we only got to visit a few galleries because the notorious pregnancy fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks late in the afternoon.  This seems to happen most often during lunch time and later in the day.  I’m still trying to figure out how to keep myself alert without caffeine, but for now I like to drink a tea latte every once in a while if it gets unbearable, especially if I’m working all day!


And here's an edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Man it's been so long since I've joined in Jenn's WIAW!


More than the excitement of being in the fancy Getty Museum however, we genuinely had a good time getting away from everything related to work, our house, duties,  and just simply basked in each other’s company…It may sound cheesy but marriage and relationships don’t need frills and fancy things.  They are simply what you make of them, don’t you agree?

Oh yeah, and then there was good food.  Hah!  How could I forget?  Alright I totally didn’t forget.  I never forget good food.

So we slowly made our way to Santa Monica to pay a visit at one of our favorite Mexican joints in Los Angeles—El Cholo.  I know I know, the name isn’t that pleasing to your ears and you probably think that it’s a hole-in-the-wall type of eatery (and by the way there’s nothing as awesome as a hole in the wall), but if you ever dine in their chill atmosphere and try their amazing enchiladas and tortilla chips, I assure you that you’ll be more than surprised by their flavorful dishes.  I will gladly collect royalties from Mr. Cholo if they suddenly have a booming business after I publish this post.  Hehe, as if they need any more customers!  Who am I kidding? Smile with tongue out


The first dish was what the server recommended Greg.  He ordered the Sonora Enchiladas and although they were tasty, we both agreed that it wasn’t nearly as superb as my Enchilada Suiza.  That green sauce is bursting with flavor and is quite addicting!  I’m also a sucker for Mexican rice, so I give them major compliments for making it so magically moist.

Since we had eaten dinner really early we had plenty of time to drive to Beverly Hills.  After walking in the freezing weather and getting lost more than once we decided to bust out Greg’s iPhone GPS and put it on Pedestrian mode.  Unfortunately we are both direction challenged and always end up in the boonies somehow, but not this time!  We FINALLY found our way to Harajuku Crepe that I’ve been reading so many rave reviews about!


Even though the creperie itself is tiny and has room for only 3 small groups to sit inside, they at least have a high ceiling to make up for it.  Just thought you would want to know in case you’re claustrophobic. Smile



My little disclaimer is that Harajuku Crepe doesn’t offer the typical French dessert. As with most Japanese and Asian eateries they make their batter extra thin and slightly crispy. Then they fill it with all the fix-ins and roll it up into a large ice cream like cone.  Harajuku offers all sorts of batters:  buckwheat, original, green tea, chocolate.  We went with the green tea flavor and to be quite honest it didn’t taste that strong, but the whole cone came together so nicely with the vanilla ice cream scoop that it just melted in our mouths.

Our verdict is that Harajuku has the best Japanese crepe we’ve ever tried, but deep in our hearts we will always be loyal to the original Parisian version.  Nothing beats that stuff!

17.5 Weeks AlongDSC05650

I wasn’t sure whether or not I should post a picture of my pregnancy progress until later because I felt like you might think, “mehhh her stomach looks the same as a month ago and nothing has changed!”  until the sweetest Jessie asked me to post a new photo of myself.  Jessie, thank you for making me smile so big!

Countless of articles state that most first time pregnant women don’t show much growth until the 16th week (or around that time), and I’ve also read petite/short women tend to grow much faster since there’s less room in our bodies.  I thought that would be the case for me since I’m only 5’1”, but I guess all pregnancies really ARE different.  Now, this isn’t a good nor bad in my opinion.  In some ways I’m relieved that I can enjoy more physical freedom for a longer period of time; however, I do sometimes wonder if my wee child is still breathing in there!  Haha, that’s when I know I’m being such a mom because all the other symptoms (ahem, relentlessly growing chest) tell me otherwise and there’s nothing to be worried about.

Thank you so very much for following me on this journey and supporting me every step of the way!  You have no idea just how much every kind word or helpful advice means to a pregnant woman.  I love you guys.

Have a blessed day and talk to you soon.

Ps:  Stay tuned because I have some pretty cool stuff on the way!  It’s cool to me at least. Winking smile


Ellie <33