PV Body: Fitness Fashion at Your Doorstep

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Update:  The 20% off link has been discontinued and I am no longer affiliated with PV Body, currently known as 'Ellie'.  Please refer back to this post

I have to confess that I’ve been plagued by the dreaded procrastination bug for way too long, especially when it comes to updating you guys on some fun (and money saving) opportunities like this one!

Let me ask you a few questions before I go on any further...

Have you ever exercised at the gym and while doing so, you’ve noticed that your workout clothes are far too lose, too tight, or just plain boring?  *Raises hand* Mine are boring for the most part.  That, or I wear the same thing pretty much every other day because I’m too cheap to pay more than $50 for workout clothes. Smile with tongue out

Do you ever walk into heaven sent Lululemon with a bag filled with—uhhhh just one tank top because you just dropped mad bucks on it and now find yourself broke?  Or even worse yet—did you ever come out of those fancy fitness stores wondering how in the world you just spent $170?!  Okay, so fortunately I’ve never spent that much money for workout clothes, but I know that for many women wearing cute and high-quality workout clothes can also mean a not-so-cute bill sent to your credit card account.

Well, I have some wonderful news for you ladies because you can now wear some adorable, functional, and fun fitness outfits for a really low cost!

When I became an ambassador for the company called PV Body (Puravit) we agreed that I would take their Style Quiz and then they would send me a package of workout outfits right away.  Obviously I was more than excited to partake in this opportunity and anxiously waited for the package to arrive.  If you take a look at my video you will see some more details on the beautiful and unique outfit that they sent me.

About PV Body


PV Body is a new company with innovative ideas to help women choose high quality, beautiful, and fun workout clothes for only $49.95.  Not only are they all the aforementioned things, but they are also brand name clothes like our beloved Lululemon, Nike, American Apparel, and much more.  The way that it works is quite simple and PV Body makes sure that there are no strings attached.  Now, isn’t that alone a relief?  Pretty much everything in this world has strings attached, yikes!  But not with PV Body. Smile

As soon as you sign up at the PV Body website they will provide you with a Style Quiz in which you have to provide your favorite color palate, size, and style of fashion.  Are you a fashion diva and love to wear flashy outfits?  Or do you prefer to wear soft colors with a relaxed yogini type of feel?  Or perhaps you are a running queen and love warm and functional gear?  Whatever your preferences may be, PV Body has it all.

After you have provided them with your answers they will start sending you a Fit Box that includes a workout top and a pair of bottoms for only $49.95.  That is the exact price that the monthly subscription costs as they will send you a new Fit Box that includes new outfits every single month, with no extra shipping costs!

“Now what’s the catch?”, you ask.  Well there is no catch!  As stated in my video, PV Body makes it easy for you to cancel your subscription at any time.  Should you end up loving their products and are able to afford $49.95 a month, you can easily resume your subscription and get your delivery right at your doorstep.


Since I am an ambassador for PV Body I have the privilege of providing you a 20% off link for your first month’s purchase.  Note that after your first purchase you will have to pay the regular price for their Fit Box, but if you are curious to give them a try and see what they are all about, then by all means you may click on my PV Body link above and get your delivery for 20% cheaper.  Whether you continue your delivery partnership with this amazing new company or decide that it’s not exactly your thing, you will end up with a great outfit for less than what you would have paid for at the mall.

I hope you enjoy this opportunity as much as I do, ladies!  Or gentlemen, if you decide to give it as a gift to your significant other. Open-mouthed smile

*Disclaimer:  I receive compensation from PV Body as I am a part of their ambassador program. 

Do you try to wear cute and fun workout clothes?  Or maybe you don’t care?

-I used to not care at all since I only exercised at home, but nowadays I like to dress a bit more ‘presentable’ at the gym if I can help it! Hehe

What’s your style?  More laid back, bright and bold colors?

-I like a mix of both!  A little bit of color POP and some neutral toned shirt. Or it can be the other way around.   I also love the yoga+circuit training style of fashion.


Ellie <33