Selah and Headache Be Gone

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Good morning dear ones!  I bet you are all pretty stoked about it being Friday as I am myself.  I’m going in to work today and working until 5 pm because I switched shifts with my co-worker who took over yesterday for me.  The reason I couldn’t go to work is that Greg and I got to do something REALLY cool and AMAZING!!! We went in for our baby’s (I’m still getting used to saying that) anatomy scan and since we’re at almost exactly 20 weeks/5 months into pregnancy, we were able to find out the gender.

And the gender is…

Drumrolls please….!

Just as we had expected at the beginning, although with a few bumps in the middle and then back to our original guess at the end--A BEAUTIFUL AND MOST LIKELY HEALTHY GIRL!!!!!


Super squirmy girl!  Likes to dig her head down and kept putting her hand on her forehead

I say most likely because the doctor forewarned us that they tell patients that their baby is perfectly safe with a good amount of caution—since you know, technology can be quite deceiving sometimes and nothing in life is perfect.  However, I’m not worried about that at all and we are just THANKFUL to the Lord for this wonderful gift.  We both feel as if everything has “materialized” a bit more since we were still in a surreal funk, if you know what I mean. Open-mouthed smile

Oh and guess what!  We had chosen names for a boy or girl long before we got married, haha!  And we will be naming this child SELAH BETZEN. 

Right after we got out of the doctor’s office we made sure to call everyone close to us regarding the great news, and many Facebook comments followed after that.  Since I had some free time after everything was over, I decided to use the Stepmill at the gym and then drove to Orange County to see my parents.



We ate at a Chinese restaurant right by their house and had a great meal.  The dish pictured above is one of the yummiest Kung Pao Shrimp dishes I’ve ever tried.  Although I normally don’t like fried food very much, lately I’ve been finding myself enjoying it whenever it’s being offered to me.


We shared some Jjajangmyun, which is a Korean-Chinese fusion dish.


And some Jjambbong, which is a spicy broth based soup with lots of vegetables and seafood.  To be very frank, none of us enjoyed the noodle dishes much because they were kind of bland and flavorless.  But hey, we’re thankful we never have to worry whether or not we will have our next meal, now do we?

Unfortunately I felt very full and had a massive headache afterwards.  This seems to happen to me every time I eat noodles!  I’m really not sure why though…


So I did the next best thing and made myself a bowl of overnight oats.  It contains 1/4 C oats, protein powder, full fat coconut milk, water, yogurt, nutritional yeast and blueberries.  I topped it with nuts and Biscoff cookies!


Since I like to pack my own lunch to work I roasted some rutabaga and bell pepper.  Then, I grilled a tortilla and spread it with Laughing Cow cheese and filled it with ham, dijon, and a pan fried egg.  Smile

I have to jet so I’ll talk to you later!!!


Ellie <33