First Baby Registry and a Day at the Farmers' Market

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DSC05745 After mulling over the thought of setting up a baby registry at Babies R Us and having people like my sister constantly remind  me of it, I finally decided to go ahead and get the hardest part started.  Which is pretty much the whole registry itself, I kid you not!  So many things that are baby related are so easy to look over because everything starts looking the same and as if it’s something that you either really need, or don’t need at all.  Sometimes you think you really need a certain item when in fact it ends up new and unused in the storage shed.



Hmmm a swaddling blanket?  Wait a minute. That’s not the same thing as a swaddling wrap?  Or is it?!  Those were the thoughts that were racing in my mind back and forth.

Fortunately my sister was just as excited as I was to do this registry, and she offered to help throughout the most important steps. Open-mouthed smile  Yay for big sisters!


And lucky me—I was surrounded by my awesome brother in law as well as Daniel.  Greg couldn’t make it because he was working and to tell you the truth, we were both relieved that it was the “experienced parents” who helped us with this fun but overwhelming task.  Now we’re also thinking of going with a second registry but we’re not 100% sure where that would be.  It could be either Target or Buy Buy Baby, the latter being a company that’s related to Bed Bath and Beyond.  If you have any experience doing baby registries, would you recommend any of the aforementioned stores?

Saturday Farmers’ Market


Thanks to a reader who just so happens to live really close to me, I finally made the time to go to Wilson Park in Torrance!  Since I’m still fairly new to the area of the South Bay, I’ve been having trouble finding some good spots to walk and relax.  I barely noticed Wilson Park last week and was curious to see what it had to offer, and today it proved to be large and full of people having fun with their families playing ball and grilling up some juicy meat.  Quite embarrassingly, I kept eyeing at the food that they were cooking up because it looked and smelled so good!



The reader, Lisa, informed me that Wilson Park has a great Farmers’ Market every Tuesday and Saturday, so I took advantage of the energy that I had stored up in me to take a peek around the stands.  Well, I did more than just take a peek because I tried several samples and ended up purchasing a reasonable amount of food, teehee.  I guess I’m starting grocery shopping early for the upcoming week.  And Lisa, thank you so much times a million! Open-mouthed smile


I kind of fell in love with the Cara Cara Oranges and the organic Fuji apples.  Man are they refreshing and sweet!  The oranges are surprisingly different from the navel oranges that I’m used to eating, as these have a slight pink-ish color to them and have a very tender flesh.



I also couldn’t resist buying some really tasty French pastry as well as Greek side dishes, since Greek only happens to be one of my favorite cuisines (and Selah’s I assume?). Smile  Although the three cream colored balls may look like ice cream, they’re actually an amazing combination of cheese that consists of feta, greek yogurt, and hot chili peppers.  The other side is a lentil salad that needed just a bit more zest, so I went ahead and squeezed some lime juice on top when I got home.

By the time I got home it was already lunch time and my stomach was grumbling (hence, the half-eaten pastries while I was in the car), so I had a few bites of those sides along with a delicious crockpot soup that I made last week.


I’ll make sure to share the recipe with you very soon and if I don’t, keep me accountable!

Have a blessed rest of the day guys.

Which stands do you lean towards when you are at the farmers’ market?

-Definitely the baked goods, fruits, and specialty foods.  If it’s not food related, anything that has to do with candles and smelly stuff.

Do you have experience with baby registries?  Any advice/tips that you can share?


Ellie <33