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Once again, I’ve been gone for quite a while (almost a week) but the good news is, I have some good stuff to share. DSC05764

Over the weekend, Greg’s parents came to So Cal to pay us a visit and to see my baby belly which is being occupied by Selah.  Well that, and also because we were in for some sweet family time at the San Diego Safari Park!  We took the above picture and up until now I had no idea how funny and embarrassing it looked.  I guess my in-laws realized how goofy it looked and went ahead and took an even more embarrassing shot…


Hahaha, I promise this was not done on purpose!  Children, please do not attempt this trick at home.

While we were at the park we got to experience one of the coolest things we’d ever witnessed!  Besides basking in the cool and sunshiny weather while looking at all sorts of different animals we never even knew existed, we purchased the VIP passes to see the Cheetah Run.

Wow.  That cheetah (named Johari) was amazingly speedy running at 70+ miles, and she was the sweetest little thing!  I bet you didn’t know that Cheetahs are actually less fierce than you would think.  They choose flight over fight due to their speedy nature, which makes a lot of sense.  Smile  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures since my batteries ran out right after these photos.  I always do that when I’m on some noteworthy trip—it never fails, boo.

This week we also had the opportunity to choose and purchase Selah’s baby crib, ahhhhh!  My in-laws wanted to follow in the footsteps of Greg’s deceased grandma and buy the crib for us.  We felt so blessed, bad, yet, did I say blessed yet?  “We definitely don’t mind that kind of a tradition”, Greg said.  And I would have to agree or else we’d be in serious debt right now.  The whole experience made everything more “real” and exciting for us, and we’re certain that Selah and the next baby will make good use out of that crib.  I just can’t wait to show it to you guys!


While at work I’ve been enjoying the leek potato soup that I made the other week, and since I just have to have a strong contrast in everything I eat, I sprinkled it with some Stacy’s pita chips.  Those are the best ones I’ve tried so far!  Do you have a favorite pita chip?  If you do, I bet it’s hard to top Stacy’s. Winking smile



Sometimes when I’m on my work lunch break I like to make a quick stop at Whole Foods.  Not because I need to shop for groceries or anything in particular, but that place is like the foodie’s Disneyland when it comes to browsing through the snack aisles.  The other day I discovered this fabulous macaroon made by the company Wonderfully Raw.  It’s made with a minimal number of ingredients and it contains almond flour in the mix.  I couldn’t help but think that these wonderful bites of goodness resembled my vegan macaroons in terms of taste.   I guess I could make these at home but…I’m afraid to admit that pregnancy has me a wee bit on the lazy side when it comes to these things.  I have to be in the mood to bake, cook, and do all of my favorite stuff in order to do it right!  I wonder if this is normal for other expectant moms.

Okay so coming back from that tangent.  These Coco-Roons were so good that I could have easily eaten 4 at a time!  But just because I’m pregnant it doesn’t mean I need to gorge myself by impulse.  Anyway, it’s better to spread out my snacks evenly throughout the day, right?


After having baked that huge loaf of Strawberry Cream Cheese Swirl Bread last week, I ran out of oats and have been trying to get creative with my breakfast.  Last night I finally bought some groceries at Trader Joe’s and this was the result this morning.

Ta-da!  Haha, nothing too out of the norm but it was so out-of-this-world delicious!  I added chia seeds, egg whites and bananas to make it extra creamy.  And what took the cake oats were the raspberries and sweet blueberries, topped with almond butter, chocolate biscotti, and get this.  Crunchy Speculoos cookie butter!  Now, I was already familiar with the creamy stuff.  But the crunchy spread takes the game to a whole different level.


Then I took care of some house chores and mustered up the motivation to work out.  Following a rewarding upper body session with Leah I had some Fage yogurt with all the mix-ins.

Lately I’ve been needing sleep like no other and today I was not about to take a nap after a 10 hour long sleep last night!  That is totally not me and I would rather be tired through the day than sleep for so long (hello throbbing headaches), but I just had to go to bed by 9 pm.  Needless to say, I wasn’t quite in the mood to to work out today and I’ve been letting my mood rule a lot of things in my life this week, and I kind of don’t like that.  I got myself out of that rut and rebelled against that dreaded pattern by working out today.  For a girl who is usually relaxed and somewhat easy going, this new hormonal change is quite the beast.  I’ll be honest.  Even I’m scared of the emotions that I’m capable of feeling!  I give all of you women who experience PMS symptoms a huge pat on the back.

Well, I hope you have a glorious day and live it to the fullest!

Do you tend to let your emotions take over your day?

-Not normally, but pregnancy definitely has me experiencing all of that.

Does your family have cool traditions like the one mentioned above? 

-Coming from a busy Korean family, we don’t hold many family traditions, if any at all.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve witnessed in wild animals?

-Most definitely the cheetah run!  Too bad I couldn’t pet her.


Ellie <33