Back to 1833

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And we are back! Alrighty, so we’ve actually been back since late Monday night from our super mini trip to Big Sur.  With all the speeding driving, hiking, and eating our way through Big Sur and Monterey,  a city about 40 minutes away from Big Sur which was our final destination, we came back home wiped out!  It was the good kind of wiped out though.  You know, the kind where you feel like you’ve earned your rest after the ultimate experience of being out in the wild, and then walking for several miles with a big ol’ belly that makes you feel like you’re walking with a weighted vest?  Haha!  I perceive you know what I mean by now. Smile


As soon as we arrived at the Monterey-Marriott hotel at around 7 o’clock, we quickly changed into our fancy date night outfits because Greg had made some reservations at a restaurant.

Fortunately, I found this simple yet beautiful dress at Destination Maternity last month while it was on sale.  Don’t be too surprised if you see this dress more than once on the blog, since I’ll probably wear it for upcoming events because I’m quite limited as to what I can wear as my stomach grows larger.


I have to be honest that man, I felt so feminine and somewhat presentable in this dress, as I hadn’t felt like that in a long time!  I’m not sure if other expectant women feel the same way as often as I do, but it’s definitely not easy getting used to not feeling very ‘feminine’ during these 9 months of carrying my blessed bundle of joy.  Read:  feeling like a penguin ready to pop out of my leggings. Smile with tongue out  Of course, those are just my own thoughts and perception.


Greg reserved a cute and romantic spot for us at a placed called Restaurant 1833, which is located at the end of the downtown strip of the charming little city.  As you can tell from the picture above and the unique name of the restaurant, this location is rather captivating because of its rustic feel.  Everything seems to have been kept the same since the year 1833, except of course, they have maintained the place very clean and up to date in terms of necessary facilities and furnishings.



Restaurant 1833’s weekly menu is an extensive one, but since we were there on Sunday night, they gave us a condensed one instead.  I actually liked the fact that I didn’t have to overwhelm myself with too many menu items!


Every server that we came in contact with raved about their famous fried chicken.  Fried chicken?!  In a fancy place like this?!  Yep folks, it seems to be a hit with all of their customers and naturally, Greg couldn’t pass up on that opportunity to try one of the best friend chicken dishes ever.  As soon as we ordered our food our amazingly knowledgeable and kind waiter brought us deviled eggs.  Now, I love eggs in all shapes and sizes and Greg does not, so he made me suggested that I eat them both.  Yep, he totally had to force me to do that.  (Note the sarcasm, hehe)


Our order of small plates consisted of these ooey gooey bacon and cheddar biscuits!  They were pillowy like a soft cloud and perfectly savory with tiny pieces of bacon studded into the batter, and bacon is not even something I’m crazy about when I eat it by itself!  But much to my surprise I have to admit that the bacon is what made these biscuits taste so unique.


So Greg got his herb-y fried chicken placed on a bed of gritty corn bread.  Although we’re not used to eating foods quite this heavy, let alone so gloriously dripping in oil, we have to admit that it was one of the best fried chicken dishes we’ve had!  The texture of the skin was so perfectly crispy and full of flavor, and the meat was so tender that it literally slid off the bone.


I went with this delicious Cod fish that had a base of Yukon potatoes, tomatoes and mussels all simmered in a reduced sauce that tasted like corn chowder.

Both of us highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Monterey!

Out in Nature

On Monday morning we headed out to Big Sur to do some hiking and exploring out in nature.

Since we wanted a lighter option for lunch, we stopped by Subway to get a sandwich for Greg and a refreshing salad for me.



Our original plan was to go down to the shore and then hike our way through the Julia Pfeiffer trail to enjoy some beautiful waterfalls!  But then things got super confusing once we got there and ended up going on the Pfeiffer Falls trail!  Big difference you guys, so if you plan on seeing some really pretty waterfalls, we recommend that you don’t get the two hiking routes mixed up.  Smile with tongue out


Even so, we managed to have a wonderful time talking about life, laughing about the silliest things, smelling the blossoming greenery, and taking in all of our surroundings.


This was Greg’s face after we found out that we arrived at the wrong waterfall, hah!  It was so tiny that when we were making our way back down and a group of hikers asked us if this was the path to the waterfalls, Greg’s response was, “well, if you can even call it a waterfall”, and they just cracked up!  They thanked him for setting their expectations straight before they even got to their destination.

Now I can’t believe how fast this week is flying by!  I hope it slows down a bit because I still have things to catch up on.

Do you prefer rustic type settings or more modernized restaurants?

Any interesting stories about hiking?

-Greg and I always manage to get lost somehow.


Ellie <33