Completely Baked

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DSC05787 Last night after work I drove through the traffic of Torrance and L.A. to meet my two good friends, Sena and Grace, whom I’ve known ever since I came to the states at the ripe young age of 12.  It seems like whenever we get together there’s just so much to talk about that we jump from subject to subject till we wonder to ourselves how in the world we got to talking about insects, and sometimes that kind of topic will follow a much more deeper topic like relationships and faith.  Haha!  I’m kind of curious if you guys can relate to that as well…Open-mouthed smile

Grace chose a joint called Arashi Sushi which is located around the Staples Center area.  Arashi gives off a rather relaxing yet fun atmosphere, where the waiters are very friendly and welcoming to the customers; our waiter definitely had those qualities.  It turns out that Grace is not a fan of raw fish at all and I was quite flabbergasted at the thought that she could have as much of it as she wanted, while I could only have the cooked rolls!  I mean, how could she do this to me?

*Cue the violins*

We pretty much spent a whole five minutes going back and forth with our waiter by asking him, “Is this baked or fully cooked? How about this one?  Ohhh well, this one?” Thankfully he was more than willing to help out with those recommendations because some dishes that are completely baked actually contain a tiny bit of raw spicy tuna, so I went with the dish that I will show you down below.


We all started off with a shared appetizer of spicy sauted calamari.  We loved every bite because of the bold flavors from the soy sauce and the spices, as well as the lovely texture coming from the green onions and jalapenos.  Those two combined together is one of my favorite combos!  It oddly tasted a lot like a Korean side dish, but we definitely didn’t mind because it was finger-lickin’ good.



We were ravenous by the time our rolls came out so I forgot to snap the other rolls the girls ordered!  Smile with tongue out  We actually got 5 cooked rolls and shared most of them, and the one I decided on was the beauty up on top.  I got the baced caterpillar roll which had cucumber, eel, and a hearty amount of avocado on top.  This is one of the “fresher” baked rolls that I recommend for anyone who doesn’t want all the frilly fried stuff.

By the time I got home I was feeling really full and indigested, which is a common occurrence for me whether I’m pregnant or not.  Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered that I’m loving tart, zesty drinks more than ever before because they’re refreshing and help me digest a lot faster!  So last night I went ahead and squeezed some HUGE grapefruits that Greg’s parents brought us from their stay in Arizona, where they went right before meeting us here.  And now I think I’ve found one of my new favorite things to drink besides water and the occasional caffeine—grapefruit juice!  It’s good for the soul, my friends.



This morning I had another glass of grapefruit juice alongside some hearty oats made with frozen banana, blueberries, egg whites, and chia seeds.  The chocolatey goodness up on top is a fudgy dessert that I made with coconut butter last week.

And once again, thank you guys for the input on the topic of pregnancy weight gain!  It’s very comforting to know that the numbers suggested by the doctor are merely a guideline to go by and not necessarily what determines a mother’s and her baby’s health.  I guess I sort of knew the answer, but after reading countless of books and articles stating the dangers of it kind of freaked me out!

Have a blessed day guys!

What food or drink “epiphanies” have you had lately?

Do you prefer raw or cooked fish?

-raw is my favorite, but cooked is a close second since fish is my fave food ever.


Ellie <33