Date Night

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As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Monday is usually date night for me and Greg, and I can happily say that 99% of the time we’ve been really good at keeping it that way!  Even if we have other important things to take care of, which we end up doing earlier in the day anyway, we still do our best to at least go out to dinner or take a walk wherever the road leads.  Of course, date night is never a forced aspect of our marriage because we truly do enjoy it and look forward to it each week, and besides, delicious food is always present!  So what’s not to like? Winking smile DSC05799

Woops!  Caught him chewing his food.  But he’s still so handsome Winking smile

Yesterday was no different as we made our way to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica without a real set plan.  We kept it simple by satisfying our craving for a basic—but delicious nonetheless—American meal at Johnny Rockets.  Although I’ve never been the biggest fan of burgers and the all too popular classic American meal, lately I’ve been more than okay with having it whenever my stomach feels like it could handle all the meat [and potatoes] and bread, especially if Greg is craving it!  Boy, he must be happy about my pregnancy because it’s making me do and eat things that I wouldn’t otherwise!


Greg ordered a regular cheeseburger while I went with something spicy.  Of course.

I got The Houston burger, which is basically a regular burger sandwiching their oh-so-perfectly-thick patty with all the fix-ins plus spicy jalapenos and a good measure of their special buffalo sauce.  I always like to order those kinds of special sauces on the side though, so that way I can control how much goes in it.  And obviously, I just had to ask for lots of mustard since I kind of can’t live without it.  We were both more than satisfied with our food as it hit the spot, and I'm pretty sure Selah didn't complain either.

After walking through the Promenade and popping into several stores like Zara, Guess, Aldo, and some men’s shoe stores, we both ended up wanting quite a few items that are out of our budget, not to mention that it really made me miss regular clothing!  Although I’m extremely grateful for this pregnancy and Selah’s arrival in June, I also can’t lie that I’m looking forward to feeling normal again…and wearing regular clothes again… Smile

Anyway, coming back from that tangent.


This plate of fluffy deliciousness was also consumed last night.  We decided to have dessert at Café Crepe and devoured a crepe with nutella, banana, and hazelnut chunks!  The chunks truly made this dish in my opinion, and the vanilla ice cream balanced it out.  This reminds me…sometime soon I should make my healthy buckwheat crepes for breakfast!  I guess I will be going on a crepe excursion very soon because I haven’t had those in way too long.

Last night was a simple but great evening full of walking, talking, and people watching, which is pretty much what we love to do anyway!  I know, we’re so wild.


This morning I toasted two waffles topped with sunflower seed butter, coconut butter, greek yogurt, and fruit.  On the side I had a strip of turkey bacon.  Great way to start the day if you’re trying to save some time in my opinion.

1 Year Anniversary

Oh my goodness I cannot believe how fast time flies!  I feel like I got sucked into some warp zone where I got married yesterday and got spit back out today, haha.

We actually got married last year on March 24th and this coming Sunday will mark our 1ST ANNIVERSARY!!!  We’re planning to drive up to Big Sur on Saturday afternoon and come back on Monday; however, things are getting a bit complicated in our personal lives (not our relationship, other stuff) and we’re now hoping that things work out in favor of this trip as I have reserved the hotel and everything.  We’re just trying to make the best of our situation and thank God despite any circumstances, even if it means us potentially not going anywhere far.  Either way (and thankfully so), we enjoy each other’s presence more and more with each passing day, and I feel like that in itself disproves any claim that marriages will eventually end up growing cold and less “fun” 5 years from now.  Sure, things will inevitably happen and we’re still newlyweds, so we haven’t seen things that older couples may have experienced, but we’re firm believers that marriage should/can be just as wonderful 20 years from now as it was on the day that we said ‘I do’ on March 24, 2013.  We have no doubt that with God as the center of our lives this marriage can only thrive from here on out.  Although no marriage out there is perfect, including ours, we’ve learned that it’s the LITTLE things that truly make a HUGE difference!  A simple “I’m so proud of how far you’ve come”, a nice chat on the couch, or even a nice home cooked meal together can make such a monumental difference in keeping the marriage sweet.  Smile  I may still be young, but that’s what I’ve witnessed in old couples that I admire as well!  Now, that has to have some truth to it don’t you think?

So we’re crossing our fingers that we can go up to Big Sur, but if that doesn’t happen, oh well.

Do you enjoy classic American meals, or are you more of the variety type of person?

-I’m definitely a lover of variety!  But lately simple foods like burgers have been more than welcome!

Do you believe that marriages and relationships can grow sweeter through the years?  I hope so!


Ellie <33