Exercising Outdoors and Kindred Spirits

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[Taken with my ancient phone]

Yesterday I was really looking forward to working out and getting in a challenging cardio session at the gym.  However, the weather was so perfectly cool and breezy while sunny at the same time.  Perfect day to be in the great outdoors?  I think so!  Ever since I had visited Wilson Park in Torrance for the weekly farmers’ market, I was excited to go back and see what kind of terrain there would be to get in a nice quick jog. Sometimes, the more hills there are the better, simply due to the fact that my round ligaments don’t ache as much as if I were to run on a completely flat surface.  I finally gave in to my curiosity and completed a really fun and fulfilling workout at the park!

I was actually not that sweaty by the end and perhaps it was because of the cool breeze, but then again, I tried to be as cautious as possible and listen to my body since exercising in natural environments can be much more challenging than doing them indoors.  So here’s the little circuit that I came up with on the spot!  I was inspired. Smile

bootcamp circuit

It took me approximately 40 minutes to complete the circuit 2 times, as I felt really heavy and tried to jog as lightly as possible due to the pulling round ligaments!  Yikes.  It was so fun though, and it made me feel like I was on some game’s obstacle course.


This past weekend I went to my friend Helen’s house, and this girl…oh my, this girl is truly a woman of God!  Sometimes we communicate so perfectly that we both feel like we’re kindred spirits and we’re able to speak encouragement and life into each other.  Helen just had her second baby about 5 months ago!  This little baby is the sweetest that I’ve ever met.  The moment I walked in the door she started laughing and giggling and at first I thought that I had something on my face, haha!


Rosie, the 2 year toddler, wanted to take pictures over and over and wouldn’t relent.  So we gave in and took about 5 of them since she was so fascinated with my little camera.

That day I got to witness how two children from the same exact parents can be polar opposites even at such a young age!  Emma, the infant, is unbelievably calm, peaceful, and smiley, while Rosie on the other hand, is active, outspoken, and more serious.  Amazing, right?!  But then again, that reminded me of me and sister because we too are so different in personality that our life stories seem to have been written by different “authors”, but that kind of variety is makes it fun. Smile


After we ate a curry lunch and played with the kiddos, Helen gave me a bunch of her girls’ clothes that were so nicely used—some of them were actually new because they weren’t summer babies, but they had gotten little shorts and dresses as gifts at the wrong time.  My favorite outfits are the green onesie, the striped overalls, and the flower print dress!


Dahhh I can’t wait to put these on Selah.

I hope you guys have a great rest of the day!

Have you taken your workouts outside? 

If you have siblings, does it seem like you guys are completely different from each other?


Ellie <33