Pregnancy Weight Gain: Fat or Muscle?

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Whenever I see the outcome of somebody being reminded of the beautiful things in life through my posts—though they’re not exactly what I would classify as life-altering, yet a blessing nonetheless—I am reminded of why I love to share my thoughts on this blog.  I have you guys to thank for that and as God would put it in His own words, it’s all about that one soul that’s craving to be blessed!  So I hope you experience that whenever you’re here. Smile I’m kind of hoping that you’re not sick of reading about pregnancy this and pregnancy that, because I’m sure you already get your fair share of pregnancy posts in your Google Reader from so many of us being expectant moms right now, hehe.  MOMMY POWER, UNITE!  Okay sorry for that cheesiness…

What I’m about to talk about today is something that’s meant to clear up the confusion in my head, while hopefully helping another woman out there with her own pregnancy concerns.

While I’m not exactly plagued with worry about pregnancy weight gain like I thought I would be (thank goodness), I do have a load of questions that are waiting to be answered.  Perhaps what I’m looking for is simple reassurance from experienced moms, or even those who have witnessed the whole journey of pregnancy weight gain of others who were trying to stay as healthy and as fit as possible through it all.  I am fully aware that a reasonable amount of weight gain is a must in order to have a healthy child, and sometimes it is inevitable for the vast majority of us.  It’s the way our bodies are made.  It will probably happen to 90% of us!  However, I have to confess that so far I’ve “gained” approximately 20 lbs. as of 3 weeks ago, according to my doctor!  The healthy number that is recommended for most women ranges somewhere in between 25-35 lbs.

Uhhhh I don’t know if anyone else sees a discrepancy here.  But I’m just about 3 months away from giving birth and I’ve already plowed through the low 20’s so far and I am only 5’1”.  Perhaps my weight will balance itself out in the coming months, and I truly hope that that is the case for the sake of Selah.  And well, it definitely doesn’t hurt a momma’s ego when she’s able to stay fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy. Smile with tongue out

My question is, however, is this weight coming from actual fat or muscle gain?!  To be quite honest I’m kind of stomped on that one.

As you already know, I’ve been active for a long time pre-pregnancy as well as throughout the whole journey.  Even up to this day, I’m still enjoying breaking out in buckets of sweat and working on strengthening my muscles through light weights and ballet inspired routines.  My theory is that the extra pounds are coming from the baby and I have to take into account that there are elements being formed within my stomach, and any workout that I do will be like holding 10 lb. dumbbells on each hand (10+10=20 lbs)  Therefore, all the plies and releves that I’ve been performing are most likely done with “heavy weights” in theory, if that makes any sense.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is that I’m a teeny bit nervous about going in to see my ob-gyn today.  Even though she can see that aside from my belly growing I obviously don’t look like I’ve gained much weight myself (or at least I don’t think so), she seems to be seeing it through the “BMI SCALE LENSES.”  Now, I love my doctor and I’m somewhat comforted by the fact that she last told me not to worry about it, since she will be measuring me weekly and everything else about me is perfectly healthy.  But then again, she did tell me that I need to slow down a bit or be more careful so I don’t end up gaining too much weight!  Now I’m a bit confused as to what all of this means:  is it fat, or is it muscle?

I feel like it’s not fat because I look the same as pre-pregnancy for the most part, and I do think it might be water bloat and some extra muscle…but my mind keeps telling me that it’s actually unhealthy fat and I need to get rid of it for the sake of a healthy baby and delivery, and I keep doubting myself that I’m at a healthy weight range.  I certainly don’t want that “mommy guilt” to take over me because that wouldn’t be good for Selah, but I’m pretty confused as to what I should go by.  Is the doctor right?  Or should I go by my own instincts?  Will my doctor tell me to lose some weight?  I certainly hope not!  Or, will she really take everything into consideration and give me the OK to continue with what I’ve been doing? 

I hope this isn’t coming off as whining or complaining to you guys, but I am genuinely curious to read your thoughts on this matter.  Although I already seem to know the answer the truth is that I don’t know.  Is this just like the dreaded case of BMI LENSES where the doctor tells you that you’re overweight simply because of 2 numbers that you input into the calculator?  Or is this something I should be wary of and actually take into consideration?  I know these seem like minute problems to some of you, and it can be!  But it doesn’t hurt to provoke some insight so that we can all come to a healthy resolution on this.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

Awesome Combo

Before I check out for the day, I wanted to share the wonderful sweet and salty combination I had this morning!


You see that English muffin with the bite mark?  That would be a toasted multigrain English muffin with melted Gouda cheese, fruit preserves, and walnuts on top!  The creaminess of the Gouda and the tangy sweetness from the preserves makes this simple breakfast a heavenly, gooey combo.  Open-mouthed smile  Do give it a try!

Greg and I are going to our doctor’s visit today and then we have a date planned at Color Me Mine to finish up a project that we started for his mom.  Afterward, we might take a walk at the park if the sun doesn’t disappear on us, along with some maternity clothes shopping that he’s been badgering me about, hah!  I have a gift card to use up and I’m pretty excited!

I hope you have a great day and make someone smile, because we’re all fighting a battle.

Any thoughts on pregnancy weight gain?


Ellie <33