Spring Interval and My Not-So-Random Thoughts

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Sometimes you just can’t come up with clever titles, you know?  I’m starting to think that it’s best to keep it short and simple when time is anything but easy to find.  So, this post will be short and sweet as well! Open-mouthed smile ellipticalinterval

After a day filled with errands and house work that I had to take care of, I treated myself to an amaaaaazing workout!  You read correctly when you thought that you saw the words treated and workout all within once sentence, folks.  Sometimes the only thing that my mind and body need is a refreshing and sweaty workout to get my endorphins at their all-time high as well as my blood pumpin’ through my pregnant veins…

This is a great elliptical interval to keep things moving faster, not to mention that it will constantly keep your mind steady and attentive to the exercise you are doing.

By the time I finished this workout, which I like to call the Spring Elliptical Interval, my face was dripping with sweat and my muscles were burning, but it’s the kind that just hurts-so-good! Smile


Now if you allow me, I would like to talk about this batch of pancakes.  Oh Em Gee!  It was probably the fluffiest and most satisfying stack of pancakes to ever enter my stomach!  Think, IHOP’s pancakes with a gluten free and healthy twist to them.  I know that I rave about all the pancakes that come of out my kitchen, but this time, you have to trust me when I say that these are worth re-making.  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon.


Today I was also pretty diligent with preparing tonight’s dinner ahead of time, yay! This scary looking yet delicious green stuff will be included in tonight’s dinner. Any guesses as to what it can be?


And finally!  Are any of you guys looking for a nicely used, high-quality DSLR at the moment?  This beauty is a Canon 20D and as you can tell (at least I hope you think so), it takes pretty great photos even with the standard 50mm lens!  The only reason that I’m trying to sell my Canon is that, ahem, I’ve moved on to “more mature” things, and would like to get a DSLR that contains video features for our little girl that is coming  to our family in 2 months.  I mean come on, what mother wouldn’t want to record her child’s every fart, move, and burp.  Right?

Riiiiight. Winking smile

So if you’re interested, please let me know through email and I’ll make sure to work with you on the price!

Have a blessed Easter tomorrow (or today depending where you live), and I shall talk to you soon.

Do you tend to see working out as a treat when you’re wound up with things to do?

Do you think you’ll be “that parent” that takes pictures of their kid 24/7?


Ellie <33