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As pregnancy is quickly coming to an end, so is my partial laziness when it comes to cooking.  If you recall some of the posts during my first trimester, I mentioned a few times that I had a minimal desire to do anything that equaled to me being in the kitchen.  Hey, even making oatmeal was hard work and you can only imagine how surprised I was by that! April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-15

This Korean tofu bean stew that I made tonight is a huge deal for me, mainly because it means that we’re saving some money while being efficient in using up all the groceries that I get for the week.  Ahem, I have to confess that at the beginning of pregnancy too much of our food ended up spoiling.  I know I know, shame on me!

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We enjoyed tonight’s dinner with freshly cooked brown rice, seaweed salad, zucchini cooked in egg batter, kimchi, and some kimchi dumplings that I got at the store.

One of my favorite ways to cook dumplings is by pan frying them with just a tad bit of oil.  Nobody likes dumplings that are withered to a dry crunch with no moisture or chew on the fillings, so I will share one indispensable tip with you that I learned long long ago.  The challenge is to keep moisture within the dumpling while having a crispy skin, right?  In order to get those results you need to pour just a little bit of oil in the skillet and start cooking the dumplings on medium heat.  When the pan starts sizzling pour in about two tablespoons of cold water and immediately cover it with a lid.  Then flip them when they’re browned on one side.  By using this simple trick, you’re allowing the moisture to collect inside the pan while letting the skin acquire that irresistible crunch that we all love!  Mmmmm I hope you give this a try because your life might possibly change.

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I’ve never had the talent to do anything special to my hair, even when it comes to special events.  This month is pretty much packed with special occasions that I have the privilege to attend to…The problem is, I never ever know what to do with my hair!  Haha, if you haven’t noticed from my posts in the past, the look of my ‘do is the same with a few tweaks here and there.  And if you will excuse me, I do have to point out that I was quite proud of myself in the picture above.  This was taken two weeks ago when Greg and I attended a huge birthday party, and although it may not be a big deal to you I was kind of amazed at my success in getting those soft curls. Winking smile

But I need your help.  Any suggestions on how to style my hair in the upcoming weeks?

And things got a bit delayed on the nursery project.  Oops.

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We finally got everything cleared out of our office which is a total relief for the both of us, and now we are looking into wallpapers that give off a sweet and serene type of vibe.  We’re not sure  anymore if we’ll be painting at all, but we’re definitely liking the idea of cute wallpaper and decals.   Now, the items above are not from our registry.  My awesome sister and brother in law gave us so many essentials that my nephew used as a newborn.  We’re ecstatic about this because it not only helps us financially, but it’s just cool to know that it brings our loved ones joy from being able to bless us in this manner.

Ballet Body Giveaway Winnergiveawaywinner

First of all, thank you guys for entering this giveaway!  I was so happy to see that you were curious about the Ballet Body routines, and that you shared in my enthusiasm for this unique yet revolutionary style of fitness.  Although only one person is able to take home these DVDs, I hope that you won’t be discouraged from trying them out in the future!

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Congratulations my dearest Amanda!  I will be contacting you shortly so the package can be on its way asap.

Can you share a cool tip for baking or cooking one of your favorite dishes?

How do you do/deal with your hair when it comes to special events?


Ellie <33