Thoughts on the Nesting Syndrome

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Ever since people found out that I’m pregnant, they would randomly come up to me and tell me about the mysterious “nesting syndrome” I would be experiencing.  So what is this curious syndrome, you ask?  It usually happens within the last two months of pregnancy when the expectant momma has the urge to prepare the home and have everything perfect for the baby’s arrival. Not surprisingly, the nesting syndrome has officially hit me this past month, and what’s even funnier is that Greg seems to be going through it just as badly, if not worse than me!  Smile with tongue out  Luckily this makes it a whole lot easier on me because he takes care of things very efficiently and helps me out a TON.  Although I’m constantly in this gotta get ‘er done mode mentally, I’m also too tired and sluggish to do much on most days.  As hard as I try to get this errand and that chore accomplished, I seem to knock out only half of it within one go.  This was really hard for me at the beginning because I felt the obligation to do everything perfectly!  But lately I’ve come to accept that I need to be more lenient with myself and let those who want to help, help.

Note to self: What I accomplish or don’t accomplish does not define who I am as a mother or a human being. You got that, self?!

Although the nursery hasn’t even been birthed as of yet, we are slowly but surely clearing out Greg’s office space.  We just rented a roomier self storage than the one we had previously, and fortunately our church brothers will help move all the bookcases, desks, and all that good stuff out of here this coming Sunday.  Hey, if you want to make a difference in life then lend your brother or sister a helping hand, right?!  Hehe.

Since Greg is getting kicked out of the office room, he’s going to end up in the other parsonage and stay away from home during the day.  You see, most of the time he gets his work done in his office or at a café whenever he needs a change of environment; however, now that Selah is coming to town he plans on being away during his work hours or else he won’t get anything done.  In our honest opinion, work and a newborn baby don’t mix very well.  I think you would agree as well.

As soon as the moving process is finalized, we’ll start painting the nursery in lavender.  Eeeek I’m so excited to paint that room!  I’ve never painted anything in my life other than artwork so this should be fun.  Do you have any cool suggestions on how to decorate a lavender nursery? 

29 Weeks


Currently I’m at 29 and a half weeks of pregnancy and this is what my tummy looks like!  Whoa baby.  (Pun intended of course)

I can’t believe that I’ve been carrying this basketball-like feature in the front part of my body for 29 long, but blessed weeks.  It is amazing how times flies especially when there’s so much anticipation for the future, and Greg and I couldn’t be any more scared and excited to welcome Selah to her earthly home.   Open-mouthed smile

As far as symptoms or discomforts go I‘m not experiencing anything too overwhelming.  The only thing that got to me today was that I ate a late dinner last night due to work ending really late, so most of today included  indigestion and bloating.  My method of getting rid of these symptoms is simply by doing cardio and sweating it out.  For some reason this helps reset my digestion and gives me back the energy that I lost throughout the day.  Other than that, Selah has been really active these days and keeps giving me a good punch in my belly button and the sides of my stomach!  Last night I really thought I was going to give birth because her punch was so strong I gave a good scream while talking to my mom on the phone.  Also, my appetite hasn’t increased nor has it changed very much.  Of course, when it comes to the occasional pastry and baked good it’s a different story.  It does happen a little more often nowadays, as evidenced by the picture below.


This blueberry muffin is so amazing!  It’s from a café called Neighborhood Grinds located in Redondo Beach.  Greg discovered this awesome place about 6 months ago and not only is the atmosphere really inviting, but their coffee and baked goods are legit.


I paid Target a visit this morning after my bi-weekly OB appointment.  As I was browsing the aisles for a gift that I’m sending out to Greg’s relatives, my eyes were immediately drawn to these Chobani Flips!  I’ve only heard of them and I can’t wait to give the key lime flavor a try.  Greg is going to try the raspberry one and will give me his honest review about it. Open-mouthed smile

Have you experienced the nesting syndrome?  What aspects made you most nervous?

Have you tried the Chobani Flips?


Ellie <33