Baby Shower #2

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This past weekend was a crazy one, and I mean that in the best way possible.  Our entire church prepared a baby shower for me and Greg and as Filipino culture would have it, we had an endless amount of food and fun for the whole family.  The baby shower consisted of mostly women and the men just joined us for the eating part as well as the funniest, most embarrassing game ever! DSC05970

The game was a relay race in which the men had to wear Depends diapers and a straw in their mouth, and while balancing the nipple of a baby bottle at the tip of the straw they had to walk across and around a chair.  When they were back to their respective lines they had to pass the nipple onto the next person’s straw, but the challenge was the fact that they couldn’t pass them on with their hands.


Yup, I think you get the point of just how hilarious they looked!  Granted, Greg got a bit silly and started walking like a duck.  He said that this was so embarrassing that he might just as well embarrass himself some more.  Smile with tongue out



The decorations and the food were so amazing.  Amazing would be an understatement though, because the nacho ground beef was probably one of the best Mexican versions of meat that I’ve ever tried.  The food was a mixture of Filipino and Mexican food since it was Cinco de Mayo.


Sorry for the blur!


And these are just a few of the amazing ladies that God has blessed me with.


The baby shower came together so perfectly thanks to this crew pictured above.  Sometimes, Greg and I don’t know how to show our gratitude to all the people involved in our lives, as we’re left speechless for the love and care that they show not only to us, but others around us.  After all, isn’t that what life should be about?  To bless others and be blessed in return?

What’s the funniest baby shower game you’ve ever played or witnessed?

Did you do anything special for Cinco de Mayo?


Ellie <33